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You re mine

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The You re mine Chanteuse It premiered on February 12,as the third single from the album. It was written and produced by Carey with Rodney Jerkins. Critical response to the song was positive: Carey's breathy vocal style and use of the whistle register at the climax earned praise from critics.

It also garnered several comparisons to one of Carey's previous singles, You re mine We Belong Together " In the United States, "You're Mine Eternal " reached number 88 on the Billboard Hot chart, but it experienced greater success on the Dance Club Songs chart, becoming her seventeenth number-one song.

Carey co-directed the music video with photographer Indraniwhich depicted the singer as a mermaid swimming around the lakes at the El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico. Recording artist Trey Songz appears as a love interest in the video. He also features on the urban remix of the song, performing his verses in the remix video.

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Before giving the audience some advice on love for and prior to singing " The Art of Letting Go " from Me. The Elusive Chanteusethe singer announced that she would be You re mine a new single on February 14,to coincide with Valentine's Day.

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In the United States, the song was released You re mine contemporaryrhythmicand urban adult contemporary radio stations around the country on February Christina Garibaldi of MTV News was complimentary of the song, praising Carey's "impressive" vocal range and specifically drawing attention to the high note that she ends the song with. Garibaldi stated that "You're Mine Eternal " serves as a reminder as to why Carey is "still the fiercest diva in the game".

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Only time will tell if 'You're Mine Eternal ' can duplicate that song's record-breaking success". Melinda Newman of HitFix questioned if Carey could have achieve success with the song, describing it as "breathless" and too reliant on the singer's "vocal pyrotechnics".

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He also wrote that the "drawn-out whistle" at the end of the song was "impressive". She concluded by expressing that the remix featuring Songz was "slightly more interesting". I would say it was a directorial collaborative effort.

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We went to the rainforest and that was interesting. Part of the reason was [because] I love Puerto You re mine one of my favorite places ever and I did one of my favorite videos, ' Honey ', in Puerto Rico at the El Conquistador hotel.

I was involved every step of the way I like[d] a lot of the shots in the video There was a moment where I had to do an additional water sequence with no director, just myself and a camera man with an underwater camera.

I was looking at the take at 5 in the morning, [they're] ready to You re mine me.

But if we didn't have those shots there wouldn't be anything to cut away to, except me. Scenes of the music video include Carey sitting beside a river in the forest covered in gold glitter, sitting in You re mine of waterfalls and tropical wildlife, and imitating a mermaid by You re mine underwater while wearing an evening gown. Songz appears in both versions of the video, whereby he is seen modelling shirtless at a photoshoot, but only performs his verses in the remix video.

Credits adapted from the liner notes of Me.

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You're Mine Lyrics: (You're mine,...

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