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In Goethe's Faust, Part Two, a character named "the Bachelor" is seen making fun of the devil Mephistopheles's bald head. While clearly a comedic line, Goethe was perhaps making a point that the beauty of German is its bluntness.

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This is what Australian writer Anna Funder said about learning German, in an article for the Guardian. She added that her parents were somewhat confused at her decision to start to learn the "language of the enemy".

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There is no one single word translation, but we reckon we could have a good crack at these German words: In German every noun is assigned one of three "genders": While it may seem strange that a turnip became feminine noun, and a young lady is neuter - it is due to the fact that all diminutive nouns with the ending -chen are neuter.

Mark Twain also wrote an essay entitled The Awful German Language Vehement guy germany, about the struggles native English speakers have when learning German. A couple of romantic Germans? Richard Porson, an 18th century classics scholar, on why German really might not be worth learning after all - and that is coming from someone who read Latin and Ancient Greek for a living!

This guy is definitely not learning German. It is to give some of us a chance to learn German. We are guessing he never got his C2 Vehement guy germany from the Goethe Institute, or not in this life at any rate.

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These words were attributed to Charles V of the Holy Vehement guy germany Empire, who would often have to speak many different languages in his courts. He supposedly also said that if he wants to talk with God, he speaks Spanish, if he wants to speak with friends, he speaks Italian, and if he wants to flirt, he speaks French. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. Italian writer Umberto Eco was very clear about what he saw as the lack of clarity in the German language in his novel The Prague Cemetery.

We're not sure how many people agree with this sentiment. You can't cover every inch of Budapest in two days, but you can certainly fit in some of the city's most spectacular sights.