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Tyler and draven

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By Taylor Cocke July 6, Draven is the most difficult AD carry in League of Legends.

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Who would risk playing him? Draven players are a special breed. That could be why so few players pick up The Glorious Executioner.

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But for those brave enough to pull him out, he can be downright deadly. And in North America, there are three players known for their Draven: How To Learn Draven.

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The CLG support may now be known for his flashy engages and super accurate Tyler and draven Bindings, but once upon a time, he was an AD carry main, particularly known for his Draven.

Once Aphromoo realized the potential of Draven - thanks to, as he says, his younger brother playing him - he knew he had to master him.

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It was just magic. Everyone was dying left and right, and Tyler and draven was nothing they could do to stop me… I would just run over people 1v2. While Aphromoo was rising through the ranks of Draven players, a young AD carry named Freeze was watching him.

League of Draven

He was an AD carry then, and I was a fan. I was unranked, trying to learn from the streams of AD carries. He used to stream a lot, so I watched him. Now, Freeze has arguably the most feared Draven in the West. Freeze respects Sneaky, but in classic Draven player fashion is confident that he Tyler and draven beat his. He was insanely strong.