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The production was handled by West, with an extended outro co-produced with Mike Dean. The composition is electronic in nature, employing synthesizers as its prominent instrument. On "Stronger", West speaks about the resolve that comes when one is faced with adversity, with lyrics at the song's refrain that paraphrase Friedrich Nietzsche 's dictum " What does not kill me makes me stronger ".

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West also describes "Stronger" as an "emancipation", using the track to vent his frustration over mistakes he made in the past year. The song's production process was arduous, with West and his team mixing the track reportedly over 75 times, including after its release as a single.

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Although he worked with eight different audio engineers and eleven different mix engineers around the world for the track, West still felt dissatisfied with the results and decided to enlist the aid of record producer Timbaland in redoing its drum programming prior to the release of Graduation. West felt "Stronger" paled in comparison to the sampled original, but Daft Punk were delighted by the song, leading to future collaborations.

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The single's music video was directed by Hype Williamsfeatures sci-fi imagery based on the anime film Akiraand was shot largely in TokyoJapan.

Kanye West's use of shutter shades in the music video became a signature of his in the late s. Released as a single on July 31,"Stronger" would top the Billboard Hot several weeks later, becoming West's third number-one single. It was a top ten single in ten countries, topping the charts in Two boyz bang one greater quantity lad of them, including the United Kingdom. The song was praised by music critics. The song's popularity has been accredited to not only encouraging other hip-hop artists to incorporate house and electronica elements into their music, but also for playing a part in the revival of disco and electro -infused music in the ensuing years.

The single's front cover art was released on West's website on June 28, It was designed by Japanese artist Takashi Murakamiwhom Kanye West collaborated with to produce the artwork for Graduation. The sample was approved by the duo, who deeply enjoyed the track.

The sci-fi imagery of the video inspired West to take his music in a more futuristic direction. When asked about their take on hip-hop music and how rappers like West are suddenly fascinated their music, Bangalter replied that, "Hip-hop has always been exciting and interesting to us. The two had first heard the new song on Power while on a San Francisco flight. As de Homem-Christo stated, "Our song had a good sound, but when [the radio DJ] put Kanye's record on, the sound was really fat.

It sounds really big. West subsequently "slowed down and loosened the rhythmand overdubbed pulsating synthsevocative rapping and singing.

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The final version of the song is credited to Manny Marroquin, a producer who mixed West's debut album, The College Dropout West's sampling of Daft Punk had left many glitches within the clip, which Marroquin corrected by lowering the volume for several milliseconds on each.

This was primarily to ensure that the single would play well in club atmospheres. West mixed "Stronger" seventy-five times, as he could not seem to get the kick drum to sound precisely the way that he wanted it to, amongst other issues. The song starts with its refrainwhere the cut-up sample of Daft Punk's robotic vocals can be heard at a decreased tempo.

It comes complete with abrasive keyboard stabsoperatic harmonies and somber electric guitars which chime in unison. For the track, West ulitises an evocative rapping technique atop a thumping beat. As he told an interviewer for The Guardian"It's also a message from me to my fans that I'm coming back] after a time away and I need you right now, to help me come back. West performed a partial version of "Stronger" live at the Concert for Diana held at Wembley Stadium on July 1, to a crowd of 63, people.

An estimated million people watched the event in over countries worldwide. A press release specified that this was the very first televised live performance by Daft Punk in their career.

We really did it all hand in hand. During his live performance at Coachella in Two boyz bang one greater quantity lad, West performed a version with altered lyrics in the second verse of the track to insult his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose. InVincent Peters sued West, arguing "Stronger" is an illegitimate copy of a song he recorded in Peters claimed that he handed a copy of his track to John Monopoly, West's business manager, who according to Peters, gave the song to West.

West's lawyers claim both derive their respective chorus lyrics from Friedrich Nietzsche 's famous dictum, "What does not kill him, makes him stronger. Diane Wood, the presiding judge, noted that Nietzsche's dictim had been employed in popular works for decades, including Kelly Clarkson 's " Stronger What Doesn't Kill You ", a hit single at the time.

The single was released to iTunes on July 31, After becoming West's first number one single in the UK, "Stronger" went on Two boyz bang one greater quantity lad be met by widespread international success, reaching number-one in Canada and New Zealand.

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The track was well received by music critics. Critics later noted that West appears to recall a section of the song's refrain — "I need you right now" — in his song " On Sight " from Yeezus The treatment was simply "Kanye and Hype in Japan. In the clip's original storyline, West plays the part of a man in a motorcycle gang, who gets into a bar fight with Japanese rivals.

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West was not satisfied when going over the footage back in the United States, and he spent ten weeks in expensive editing suites editing the video. Williams was unable to film additional footage, with the video already extensively over-budget, so West hired a local team. The video's most famous shots were filmed in New York, [53] and feature West waring a pair of Alain Mikli shutter shadeswhich he requested from the designer specifically for the video.

Don "Don C" Crawley, West's manager and confidant, described his perfectionist attitude whilst editing the clip:. Kanye almost had a brain aneurysm, editing this video for three months.

Literally, 10 weeks of editing going back in. Then he still was not satisfied, so he shot more footage in New York. He was in the editing suite till 4 or 5 in the morning. He went way over budget editing, sitting in them expensive editing suites.

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He kept going — and not only kept going, but he wanted to shoot more footage. He wanted to put different elements together and according to how they relate to each-other he would then take the next step. This made for a very creative environment with a quickly-evolving vision.

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Originally, there were supposed to be just four machine shots, but when we showed them the style frame we created for the machine, Kanye decided to re-edit the video around the machine, adding a dozen more shots. Kanye is a very talented visual artist and his passion translates to the way he manages the process. It was a truly amazing creative collaboration between Kanye, Hype, our team, and editorial; everyone contributed to every aspect of the job.

It was also very rewarding to Two boyz bang one greater quantity lad of the video nomination for the Two boyz bang one greater quantity lad music awards.

A rough cut of the video first premiered at the Tribeca Studios in New York City on June 19,[51] with West editing the clip until the last minute. The JabbaWockeeZ performed to this song in the first season finale of America's Best Dance Crew as their victory performance for being crowned champions. The cover features a slower tempo on guitar and omits the profanity, which was reworded by their lead singer Jared Leto.

Leto said that he "hoped that Kanye [was] okay" with the editing. The song can be heard for the promo of the film The Kingdom. This song is also used by Animal Planet to promote their new show Jockeysappearing in commercials as well as being the series' opening theme.

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The song also appeared on the trailer for the videogame Top Spin 4. That same year, West performed the song live at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Showstarting the introduction with a tribute to his mother who had died before his scheduled performance four years before, saying: The band Time for Three used their arrangement of "Stronger" in an anti-bullying video.

Considered one of West's most radio-friendly songs, [57] "Stronger" has been accredited to not only encouraging other Two boyz bang one greater quantity lad artists to incorporate house and electronica elements into their music, but also for playing a part in the revival of disco and electro -infused music in the late s.

The song was placed on multiple best songs of the year lists. Kanye West was featured along with Daft Punk on the front cover of the music magazine. The single was number 11 on Rolling Stone 's list of the Best Songs of Information taken from Graduation liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kanye West Mike Dean.

The track is built around a Daft Punk vocal sample over alternating backbeats and also showcases a blending of infectious hooks and West's forceful delivery. CD single International "Stronger" Album version — 5: Archived from the original on Nielsen Business Media, Inc.

Retrieved August 27, Retrieved October 2, Guardian News and Media Limited.

Kanye West — Graduation". Kanye West's ten best songs".

Universal Music Publishing Group. Kanye West exploits his growing pains Archived at the Wayback Machine.

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Hip-hop's Man of Two Minds. Uproxx Media Group, Inc. Prince's Charities Events Limited. Retrieved February 10, Retrieved on July 26, Retrieved January 3, Retrieved December 26, Retrieved October 18, Retrieved January 2, The Record-Setter That Isn't 1".

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