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Turning my anger into pooper nailing

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Its human nature to feel less than when you are paid less than. This is within our temperament, this emotional attachment, and association to money — to what we attain financially. Because when you are seeking a connection you are creating an internal relationship, and that is energy.

Therefore, money is energy. When you make money, you feel good.

She nailed it. We decided...

When I have a deal in the works, I get all giddy. I feel it my bones. Your self-esteem can suffer, heck you might even become angry. Let me back up a little here…when you can buy that expensive item and not have to worry about the ramifications, it feels fantastic.

A sense of I owe no one. I know I get downright pissed. The relationship you personally have with that money, or how it gets spent, saved or used. Money is a relationship — it can build or destroy a multitude of things. All of this can churn outward into the world we live in. This feeling either safe, unsafe, trusting, or untrusting with what we have materially attained. For me, it begs the question: Does this go back to the less than feeling I mentioned above, due to the broader powers that be?

Or Turning my anger into pooper nailing it more profound than that? This protectionism, fear of the other? Or Turning my anger into pooper nailing fed the fuck up. What I am doing is pointing out the underlying theme — entitlement. And you know, entitlement is not always a negative thing. The background experts that no one outside of their industry really knows — the non-household names. This is the slow eventual destruction of a one world collective. The deliberate push-back of the little guy who has for years been left to protect their own, but who is still wanting, and feels entitled to their due.

Now would I go out a buy a Range Rover? Point being, sometimes we buy because we can afford something. Yes, we can financially keep up. When your money could Turning my anger into pooper nailing better served elsewhere? Why are we blocking?

Why is a negative so much better served lately? Is our blocking really anger misdirected, or is it aimed solely at the powers that be? No question changes are necessary, desperately needed, in our world.

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How is it that working as a collective, toward a more considerable financial gain, has suddenly been removed from the narrative? And well anger sells. The same force which also makes people pursue financial security.

While we are blocking, backing into a corner, and disconnecting: Those two made agreements which will have far-reaching financial consequences for years to come. Putin sees the blocking too but from a whole other perspective.

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