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Thug saggers

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On a personal level, Thug saggers can't tell you how many "tramp stamp" tattoos peaking over thongs I've accidently seen while a co-worker bends over to get change from a vending machine in the breakroom yes, female co-workers But something about teen boys with their sagging pants exposing boxer shorts makes grown folks tighten their jaws and narrow their eyes.

If all clothing is a signal to who you Thug saggers and how you are feeling that particular day, the saggers are announcing that they like gangsta rap and thug life.

Of course there's a subtext here: So outlawing sagging pants - which is a growing Thug saggers nationally - is a bad idea. It Thug saggers only entrench positions. Sagging pants for some kids today is the Dashiki and Afro of my youth And if we're going to outlaw ghetto kids from expressing themselves with clothing they will find another way; and you might wish for the days when it was only boxers you spotted.

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Fashion is a living, breathing entity. And as we learned in Jurassic Park: And are you going to outlaw cone-shaped bars on pop stars?

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The casual Friday cami? Sure, you can mention to teenagers that I just came back from the designer runway shows in New York and all the designers are in complete agreement that dropped pants are most certainly "out. That should do it.


No, it's not politically correct President Obama and Bill Cosby should check in with me more. I've got soooo many simple solutions to today's ills.


All of our South Florida restaurant coverage. Posted by Rod Hagwood at 4: Y'know when Madonna was doing it no one said a damn thing.

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And you can go into any workplace and Thug saggers women wearing camisoles and exposed bra straps. What about "plumber-crack" due to heavy toolbelts? Don't Front Now Nigga Keep Putting That Ass And Dick on Showcase #Squad.

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Thug. Gangsta. If all clothing is a signal to who you are and how you are feeling that Thug saggers day, the saggers are announcing that they like.

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