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There s always time for banging in this office

Gay Nude 18+ There s always time for banging in this office.
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Urging you to end that bloke who sits behind you because he clicks the mouse too hard. But which noises are the most ear-stabbingly annoying?

The good thing about most computer keyboards is that they are incredibly sensitive, so there really is no possible reason for you to be banging those keys so hard especially the poor space-bar, chill out.

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Again, much like keyboards, mice are not designed to be jack-hammered like a rogue builder, they'll pick up your delicate commands without you having to put the slightest modicum of effort in. You run the risk of two things: Also, the alternative to doing it — unlike everything else on this list — is even worse.

But really, I am totally fine with your breathing unless you do it through a blocked nose, or easily the worst method: It is extremely easy to swallow a drink quietly unless you're in the pub, ennit lads?

"Dwight's Speech" is the seventeenth...

Not only does it increase the chance of spillage, it also emits a radar-disrupting warble that would make a hundred lates dubstep producers shit themselves. Have you ever tried to kick over a gravestone?

There are some efficient ways...

It's quite hard, as it happens, and so is trying to dislodge a tooth with a fork. Also, like kicking over a gravestone, it is disrespectful and you shouldn't do it.

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So, I'll admit it, not every sound on this list has the potential to annoy everybody. However, one thing that I most definitely share with them, is that they also cannot stand the sound of metal cutlery scraping around on a porcelain plate.

3Lance is one of a...

This sound unites all humans in hatred. It cuts through the atmosphere like an ear-seeking bullet and immediately lodges itself in all available brains, heating them up to a high enough temperature to thin the skull by a good millimetre each time.

It's time for another admission: I do this all the time.

So yeah, I understand how the back of your neck feels when I click my fingers. You'd think that something that happens every week would become almost routine in your mind.

You can prepare for them.

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Just put a double-glazed Kevlar face-mask on every time you eat crisps, basically. Merrily tapping your foot onto something metal under the desk.

Typing as though each finger is a fucking hammer. Clicking the mouse with the force of a thousand hurricanes. Sniffing with the aggressiveness of a malfunctioning hoover.

Cracking your fingers like a sham chiropractor on trial for extreme malpractice.

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