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Then jason found a pair of handcuffs

Gay Porn archive Then jason found a pair of handcuffs.
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The New York Police Department and other law enforcement agencies are warning their officers to be on the look out for the tiny object, which can pass undetected through metal detectors and be easily missed in pat-downs. The Covert Hide Out Handcuff Key is available on Amazon from an online store that specializes in selling both police equipment and small kitchen appliances.

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Some online reviewers say that key is ineffective and is flimsy. Others claim they will carry one as 'insurance' in case they are handcuffed. The key is sold tied to a nondescript zipper lanyard and can be covered with a plastic fob - making it look like a harmless part of clothing.

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The key is sold by Janders, Inc - a third-party vendor on Amazon. The store appears to be registered to a Joe Anders, of Bellingham, Washington.

He did not return calls seeking comment. After MailOnline attempted to reach Mr Anders for comment, the handcuff keys disappeared from his Amazon shop. The key is made by a company called ASR Tactical, which markets all manner of 'personal defense' and 'spy gear' - from 'Ninja Wrap concealment tape' to a metal knife that is the size and shape of a credit card.

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The handcuff key becomes and unassuming-looking zipper lanyard when it is hidden. It's unknown whether officers have encountered any yet, though some authorities worry about the potential the keys could have if used by the wrong people.

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They're plastic and entirely concealable, which means they could be sneaked into prisons or jails. However, many reviewers indicated that the key might not actually be very effective.

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