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Putting on art shows with your favourite bands! Access to a meme library! With a meme librarian!

As far as dream careers go, working at Tumblr The guy site tumblr to be up there with chocolate taster and professional games tester as one of the most sought after jobs available. We caught up with Nate to find out what it was like to work with Matty and the boys, his favourite GIFs and, most importantly, how you can end up working there. So first of all, The art show looked amazing, how did that come about? Did you approach them or did they approach you?

This pop up shop was a concept the band really wanted to do and was working on with their photographer and visual designer Samuel Burgess-Johnson. This was the first one outside of America.

We're doing them when and where it makes sense. The is such an The guy site tumblr band to Tumblr and to the community that it was a no-brainer for us.

And it just made so much sense for our community and it was perfect that was the first one that we got to do in London. How was working with them? Was it a full collaboration or were you more facilitating their idea?

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It's more that we helped them facilitate. Everything that we do with artists is based on their vision. It's kind of the same way that Tumblr works - it's a blank canvas for bands like The to realise their creativity in different outlets in addition to music. The pop up shop was an IRL version of that. So, it The guy site tumblr to be a band that's relevant to the Tumblr audience, whether that's someone who has a great fandom on Tumblr and is just starting a presence or whether it's someone who has been cultivating a presence on Tumblr for years or, in The 's case, both.

And they have to have a solid vision for their Tumblr, really engaging their fanbase. Their album has to be good - it's relevant to our audience and progressive and new and innovative.

And the collaboration has to be there because that's a big part of it - the musicians working with a visual artist. It's interesting you say "progressive" - do you find the acts the Tumblr audience The guy site tumblr for tend to be the more theatrical and boundary pushing artists? That's one type that the audience goes for. It's bands you can't put in one compartment that brings them to the Tumblr audience because they're people who are susceptible to so much.

The is one of them.

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