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Teacher student filthy collision

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Yukihiro Nagashima was teaching at Beaconhills College in Pakenham, south east of Melbourne, when he allegedly told the year-old schoolgirl he wanted to sleep with her and was "feeling horny". The student did not attend Beaconhills College, but a sister school in Japan. The allegations were made in September after Mr Nagashima inappropriately messaged the student on Facebook.

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Documents from a hearing conducted by the Victorian Institute of Teaching reveal Mr Nagashima was accused of sending messages with sexual innuendo. On September 12the student was surprised to receive a message on Facebook from the teacher. She had not had much interaction with him during his visit. He then began sending inappropriate messages which the documents said embarrassed and scared her. The messages were only Teacher student filthy collision on September 12 and there was no communication that followed.

On September 14the student told a teacher about the messages and gave him a copy of screenshots she had taken of the messages. She reported the messages because she said she was afraid of what he may have done or said when he was due to visit her school again two months later.

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The documents said the student deleted her Facebook account because she feared Mr Nagashima would contact her again. He resigned from Beaconhills College after the school was informed.

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The documents revealed a more detailed transcript of the conversation between the student and Mr Nagashima. That's good to know! By the way, I'll be there again in November this year.

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The student wrote back and said she was looking forward to November and ended the message with a laughter emoji. Mr Nagashima then said: Apparently, it's allowed as long as you don't mind being busy before the trip.

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The conversation then began to become inappropriate when he said: Well then, host me as well. The teacher had initially claimed he was hacked. He had also claimed he had been drinking when he sent Teacher student filthy collision messages but later denied saying it. He also claimed some of the messages had been altered and some parts deleted, but did admit to saying he was horny and suggesting he wanted to sleep in her bed.

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