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Tasty beasts going at it

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I mean, I am done with Winter. I am done with feeling the cold in every bone of my body, I am done with my toes always feeling numb, I am done having to nag my children to put on their coats and I am done with putting on my heated blanket before bed every night.

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Don't mock me until you have tried it. Unless you are one of those weird people who love to get into a freezing cold bed every night- you know who you are! In truth, when I reflect on the Winter, I only hate the days that are grey. The days of bright sunshine and Tasty beasts going at it blue skies, I really relish.

To feel the warmth on my face for a few minutes, truly feels like a treat to me and I lap up every ounce of Vitamin D that I can.

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Nevertheless, I love the onset of Spring. The days are beginning to get longer and the the sluggish feeling that I get around 4pm every day, is beginning to subside.