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Taking out the straight trash

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September 14, at Give this method of starting the puzzle a shot. Stack the four blue blocks on top of each other, with the first one at the bottom of the trash can. Next, find a way to get one of those four blocks into the little indentation in the upper-right corner. Once it's in place, you'll never have to move that block again! Click to reveal hint Here's a helpful hint.

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If you're feeling stumped, place a blue block in the uppermost, lowermost, and rightmost areas of the puzzle. Then try moving the other blocks around in the remaining space.

Removing the blue block at the bottom of the trash can will be your second-to-last move. Follow these steps to get the garbage into the trash can by itself.

Move one blue block to the bottom of the trash can—it'll stay there 'til the end. Move the two blue blocks on the left so that they stack with the other two. Move the left gold block down and the second gold block to the left.

Move one blue block into the narrow space in the upper-right—it'll stay there forever.

Move two blue blocks straight up. Move the bottom gold block into the trash can, with half of it sticking out of the top of the can.

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Move one blue block to the left of the bottom gold block. Move the top gold block directly on top of the bottom gold block. Move the garbage straight down, on top of the blue block below it.

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Move the blue block that's currently on top of the stack of gold blocks to the very top position, above the garbage. Move the garbage up so that it touches the blue block above it.

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