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He was still asleep in his bed. She pulled the covers off of him to reveal his body beneath.

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At this Tommy grabbed at his covers and held onto them tightly. His stepmother thought this was cute and it made her smile.

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She then proceeded to pop open the snaps on his onesie, pulling away the crotch of the onesie to find his thick diaper beneath. His stepmother loved seeing Tommy with his diaper out.

She used to make him walk around the house with it out when he first started wearing them but now she was into baby clothes and made him wear them instead. She reached down to his diaper to check it.

To her dismay she found it completely dry.

This was not good. She would have to do something about this.

Maybe some laxatives in his night time baba was a bit extreme but at least it would produce results. His Own Good by Akimi Alice https: Foster Daisy by Akumi Alice https: In the wake of the terrorist bombing which freed Robert from the facility, Brandon Spanked man tumblr sent home to his salacious stepmother!

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Stay positive…stay happy…stay diapered! Thanks to all of those who follow the art and enjoy!

And a big thanks to those show who have shown support! The air was cool on his private parts and it made him feel even more exposed and vulnerable. As she wiped him clean she noticed his tensed anatomy and did her maternal best to be quick.

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Reaching into the diaper bag she grabbed the baby powder and a new pamper. With each passing day he was becoming more her baby and less her husband, and for some unexplainable reason…she loved it. On va cacher ta couche avec cette jupette.

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Does anyone know where this is from? When will you listen? Sometimes I deserve this.

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