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All Tsuna wanted to do was go to the Vongola pool.

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The cool breeze Smutty chap nailing by Tsuna relaxed. He was free from paperwork, free from his guardians, and mostly free from Dino. He knew it was wrong to like one of his most trusted friends, who also thought of him like a little brother, but he couldn't help it. Tsuna made a stupid decision to have him stay over at the mansion after he and his team had visited and wrecked the entirety of Dino's place.

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Dino had waved it off with a smile but Tsuna had insisted. And now every got damn time Dino had touched him or even Smutty chap nailing him by he thought of dirty things. He wondered what Dino's whip would feel like wrapped around his throat while he was fucked from behind. Or maybe while it bound his hands and feet and was taken in whatever position or spot.

He loved the idea of being Dino's little sex slave. He blushed and imagined all the things they would do inside and outside of the bedroom.

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Tsuna nervously looked around. He snuck his hand down to his crotch and grabbed hold of his growing erection. He closed his eyes and imagined Dino fucking him. Please fuck me rough and hard! He went over to the steps of the pool and bent down on his hands and knees.

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Anyone that passed into the garden and went some ways that led to the pool would get a clear view of Tsuna's pink hole. Tsuna brought one of his hand Smutty chap nailing him and circled his hole. He wanted them to be bigger and rougher hands like Dino's. He slid a finger in and bit his arm. And soon came another and another. Want your big fat cock so bad!

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The blond's mind and body seemed to have stopped for a moment. Tsuna looked down ashamed. Dino held his face in his hands carefully as if he were made from diamonds and looked him straight in the eyes.

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But no seeing this, I don't think I'm the only one hiding secrets, ne? Tsuna's eyes turned watery. He forcefully tackled Dino and straddled his hips.

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He ignored his erection and kissed Dino with all his might. I could stay like this forever! Dino licked his lips when one of his fingers easily went in.

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He breathed in the scent of pure Sky as he felt such tight heat wrap around his finger. The other hand stayed down and gripped his cock. Once I sweep you off your feet you'll Smutty chap nailing step foot again.

Lucky for them they didn't. As soon as they got back to Tsuna's room Dino in his haste used the whole bottle of lube.

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Tsuna laughed breathlessly but he yelped when he was roughly grabbed by his leg. Dino's hand took hold of his legs and put Smutty chap nailing over his shoulder. Without warning Dino lined the head of his cock to Tsunayoshi's entrance. He slammed his cock into the hot tight heat. Dino repeated this movement, his thrusts getting stronger than the last. Tsuna half way screamed, half way moaned as Dino kept nailing his prostate. Destroy m-me until I'm full of your cum, please!

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