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Slip on the floor

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Start My Claim Online. Wet floor injuries are Slip on the floor common. They can happen almost anywhere and can cause serious injuries. What happens when you slip on a wet floor? If there is no wet floor sign visible then the area becomes dangerous for public use. Public places can be very hazardous when the surface area of the flooring is wet; people or companies who own public spaces have a duty to ensure Slip on the floor they are safe for public use.

It is fair to say that floors can become wet in many different circumstances and not all circumstances are foreseeable. Accidents can happen due to wet or contaminated floors causing a person to seriously injure themselves. Wet floors can happen in public places due a sudden change in the weather or a spillage at a restaurant or supermarket; however it is very important that such situations are dealt with in a timely manner so to eliminate any danger to the public.

Spills and wet floors in public places must be attended to quickly. If this does not happen and a member of the public injures themselves as a consequence then they may be able to pursue a claim for wet floor injury compensation. This is a huge problem for the food and drink industry as slips due to dangerous floors are more frequent in this industry than any other industry. Injuries due to wet floors do not only happen in public places they can also happen at work, in work environments.

Employers have a duty to keep their workplace safe for their employees to work in. It is very easy for floors to become wet and contaminated in many different areas of work. If you have slipped on wet floor at work that had no wet floor signs and could have been prevented then you may have a claim for wet floor injury compensation.

The food and drink industry is obviously high in frequency slips for both employees and customers, but slips due to hazardous or wet floors can happen in a variety of workplaces. Slips that happen due to wet floors can happen anywhere.

If a person slips and injures themselves due to a floor being wet then they may have the right to make a claim for wet floor personal injury. A person can Slip on the floor a wet floor injury compensation claim if they have had an accident due to the floor being wet that could have been prevented. A major cause of people injuring themselves due to wet floors is because there are no visible wet floor signs.

Wet floors can be very dangerous often they are not visible to a person, it is very important in public places that if there is a spillage or the floor has been wet for any reason i. If the floor is wet but the appropriate measures have not been taken to highlight this and a person injures themselves as a consequence then they may be able to make a claim for compensation. It is fair to say that people still can injure or harm themselves on wet floors that have visible wet floor signs, however these are put down to an accident as the appropriate action has been taken to warn the public of the floor being wet.

If you have slipped, or injured yourself due to wet floor that had no visible warning signs then you can make a claim for wet floor compensation as you have been injured through no fault of Slip on the floor own.

A person or company who is in charge of a public place is responsible for the condition of the floor. Not all wet floor slips are foreseeable by the person responsible, however for those wet floor injuries that could have been prevented then compensation may be claimed. It is very important if you have had an accident due to a wet floor that you manage to acquire as much evidence Slip on the floor possible to facilitate your claim, i.

If you allow us to represent your case of wet floor injury claims and we do not succeed you do not have to pay us a penny.

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No Win No Fee or conditional agreements as they are more commonly known are quite straight forward, if the case does not succeed then the client is not responsible for any of the fees.

Solicitors now take Slip on the floor percentage from the compensation awarded to cover their reaming costs. When a person is pursuing a wet floor compensation claim using a No Win No Fee agreement they can rest assure that they are not at any financial risk. We pursue all wet floor compensation claims through a No Win No Fee agreement, if Slip on the floor case does not succeed then you pay nothing.

It is always highly recommended a victim of a wet floor injury appoints a personal injury solicitor that has experience with working with such cases as they will have the knowledge and expertise needed in order for a claim of wet floor injury compensation to reach its maximum potential.

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Using a solicitor to pursue any personal injury claim is vital for the claim to succeed as personal injury law can get complicated at times. Starting a claim for wet floor personal injury can be quite straight forward. We offer free, legal and confidential advice to those who want to pursue a claim for a wet floor injury but are not sure how to proceed.

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We always recommend gathering as much evidence as possible from the incident so that we can prove that the accident in reality could have been prevented meaning that the injury sustained could have also been prevented.

By calling us today we can start your wet floor injury claim straight away. We will need some personal information such as name, address etc.

Slipping On A Wet Floor...

We will also need to know how you was injured, what medical attention your sort and if you will continue to need any future treatment. Last but not least we will need to know where this happened and was it reported.