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The teams have been studying subtle changes in brain function that are associated with increased risk for hypertension in young adults. These changes in brain function produce emotional dampening; the reduced perception of emotionally meaningful environmental cues such as facial expressions. Emotional dampening could lead to increased psychosocial stress and further elevations in blood pressure and risk for cardiovascular disease.

The purpose of this CI project is to create a newsletter that focuses on children's literature intended for youth in grades K The books will be diverse in terms of genres e. Students will read titles and select Ryan edwards and josh crew bare and breed favorite book to review. As we look into our future, we see many daunting challenges that face our global society.

This is particularly true when we look into the global challenges for the 21st century. Some of these challenges include: Providing renewable energy and clean water to satisfy the global demand, Developing new diagnostics and therapeutics for the next generation of diseases that we face, and creating sustainable technologies that benefit society without being detrimental to the environment.

The goal of this creative inquiry research is to look into these challenges and determine what problems can be solved by designing advanced nanomaterials with specific functionalities. The Conservation of Marine Resources creative inquiry team participates in marine ecology research to benefit the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Current projects include studying 1 the direct and indirect impact of parrotfish grazing on the survival of coral transplants, and 2 the impact of mass sponge mortality on the survival of juvenile Caribbean spiny lobsters. This CI project has students examine the psychological processes involved in courageous behavior.

NE is a coordinated network of Clemson University faculty, students, and staff with the mission to: Inspire K students to see the value in their education and the impact they can make on society in STEM careers.

Support K teachers in overcoming the challenges associated with effectively integrating engineering and technology within the current curricular standards. The student, faculty, and staff members of the EMAG! NE network supports engineering integration in formal and informal learning settings by developing activity plans and context to enhance traditional learning objectives and to promote critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and leadership skills while helping students see the application of the science and math concepts they are learning in school.

To accomplish this goal, EMAG! During the academic year, EMAG! NE engaged more than 10, students, teachers, parents, and community members in active outreach activities. By creating more educational activities based on the topics and products of research conducted at Clemson University, K students and teachers will have a better understanding of how to apply their current knowledge formal and informal to challenges facing our society locally and globally.

This research program uses FitDesks stationary Ryan edwards and josh crew bare and breed with a desk top or similar activity workstations in college study areas, K classrooms, and in office spaces to examine how being physically active can positively affect Ryan edwards and josh crew bare and breed, health, and well-being. We are placing FitDesks around the Clemson campus and in educational settings.

The goal of this research is to document the effects of placing activity stations in areas that typically encourage sedentary behavior. This CI team includes two main research paradigms. The broad goal of this research project is to develop intervention strategies to improve performance and well-being in the work place and to help college students make better decisions regarding sleep habits.

Our research projects are related to understanding eating and weight loss Ryan edwards and josh crew bare and breed and perceptual problems in virtual environments. This CI project will analyze social, philosophical, political, and economic issues in the Hispanic world and other areas of the world through videos and pertinent materials. Students will explore the impact of systems on individuals to analyze strategies, values, and consequences.

Nutrition science applied to creative recipe modification, and culinary sciences project applications. Research with children programs and camps in the upstate. Individuals often vary in their behavior. Such consistent behavioral tendencies are often heritable and entail consequences for survival and reproduction.

Given that these traits appear to satisfy the requisites of natural selection i. Primates exhibit rich behavioral repertoires and are therefore interesting models for studying the causes and consequences of variation in personality traits.

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For this CI project, we examine inter-individual variation in the behavioral and physiological repertoires of captive callitrichine monkeys. Callitrichine monkeys offer interesting opportunities Ryan edwards and josh crew bare and breed investigate personalities for several reasons. One of which is that these monkeys typically give birth to twins or triplets.

Thus, we can compare how variation in the sex ratios of the litter i. Over the past four years, we have conducted experiments with the goal of uncovering the possible behavioral and physiological effects of differing birth sex ratios on female monkeys.

Our CI students gain a better understanding of this phenomenon via analysis and interpretation of these data. To do this, students actively participate in transcribing behavioral trials. Students also have the opportunity to learn analytical techniques to measure hormonal correlates of behavior.

This team studies the transfer and survival of bacteria on various surfaces related to food. This past semester the group tested the bacteria found and transferred to can lids. This CI team evaluates various Food Advertising Claims including those claiming to taste "better", last longer and meet a specific specification.

Last semester the team tested the Ryan edwards and josh crew bare and breed water claim, which included sampling different types of alkaline water and also temperature effects on the pH of the water. The objective of this Creative Inquiry project is to instruct Clemson University undergraduate students to systematically examine some of the most important issues facing the world, by involving the students in on-going discussions and debates and engaging them in direct dialogues with government officials and business leaders, both Chinese and American.

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