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Following the practice of the Publication Committee in previous years, this volume includes, besides the official proceedings and the papers read at the last annual meeting, some essays and other matter contributed during the year. It is hoped that these "contributions to State History" may, in larger measure as the years go on, deserve their title, and form an increasingly valuable part of the society's transactions.

The contributions are intended to include the following kinds of material: Hitherto unpublished letters Rveill par un minet moist other documentary material. This part of the volume should supplement the more formal and extensive publication of official records in the Illinois historical collections, which are published by the trustees of the State Historical Library.

Papers of a reminiscent character. These should be selected with great care; for memories and reminiscences are at their best an uncertain basis for historical knowledge. Historical essays or brief monographs, based upon the sources and containing genuine contributions to knowledge. Such papers should be accompanied by foot notes indicating with precision the authorities upon which the papers are based.

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The use of new and original material and the care with which the authorities are cited, will be one of the main factors in determining the selection of papers for publication. Occasional reprints of books, pamphlets, or parts of books now out of print and not easily accessible. It is the desire of the committee that this annual publication of the society shall supplement, rather than parallel or rival, the distinctly Rveill par un minet moist publications of the State Historical Library.

In historical research, as in so many other fields, the best results are likely to be achieved through the cooperation of private initiative with public authority. It was to promote such cooiperation and mutual undertaking that this society was organized. Teachers of history, whether In schools or colleges, are especially urged to do their part in bringing to this publication the best results of local research and historical scholarship.

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In conclusion it should be said that the views expressed in the various papers are those of their respective authors and not necessarily those of Rveill par un minet moist committee. Nevertheless, the committee will be glad to receive such corrections of fact or such general criticism as may appear to be deserved. Harriet Taylor, Genealogy and the West Meese, Rock River in the Revolution Burton, Augustin Mottin de La Balm Douglas, The Sieurs de Saint Ange Campbell, The Hayes-Tilden Contest Beinlich, The "Latin" Colonists of Illinois Springfield First Vice President.

Galesburg Second Vice President. Freeport Third Vi7ce Presid nt. Springfield Board of Directors. Prairie du Rocher Secretary and Treawsurer.

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Springfield Honmorary Vice Presidents. The Presidents of Local Historical Societies. Record of Official The session opened on Thursday morning at President Alfred Orendorff presided.

President Orendorff spoke of the progress Rveill par un minet moist growth of the society, the importance of preserving the history of the State, the interest the State Historical Society and the local societies are promoting, and the influence of the Lincoln-Douglas Debate celebrations on the public in arousing their interest and enthusiasm.

The report of the secretary was read and a motion made to adopt and place it on file. Russel moved that the recommendations made by the secretary in her report be referred to a committee of two. Motion was seconded and voted upon. President Orendorff appointed on this committee Mr. Andrew Russel and Mr. The report of the treasurer was next read and the motion to adopt and place it on file was made. He said he had made no written report and did not know he was expected to do so, but he told how he visited the different towns where the celebrations were to be held and sought to awaken the interest of Rveill par un minet moist people of those localities.

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He told of the plan of organization of committees in each town and Rveill par un minet moist great success everywhere. The president announced that the reports of these celebrations of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates would be published in book form.

Captain Burnham of Bloomington responded. He said that on account of the business before the society it would be better not to attempt a lengthy report. He also said that last year it was recommended by. He spoke of what the Journal of the Society has done as a means'of bringing the local societies in closer contact with the State Society. He would submit a brief report. President Orendorff said the request of Captain Burnham would be complied with. Moved and carried that the report of Captain Burnham be adopted.

The report of the Committee on Periodical Publication was next called for. Russel responded, saying that the periodical that has been published is largely the work of Mrs.

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Weber and she should be entitled to almost all the credit. Motion made that the report of Mr.

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Russel be adopted and placed on file. The report of the Committee on Genealogical Affairs was next in order. It was read by Miss Georgia L. The report was adopted and placed on file. The name of Prof. Greene was called to give a report on publications, but, as he was not present, Mrs. Weber said that the book was in the hands of the printer and would be a very valuable book. She said the legislative year always delayed such publications as so much time was taken up with legislative printing.

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In the absence of Mrs. Scott, General Orendorff made a few remarks about the marking of historic spots in Illinois. He said the subject was receiving considerable attention over the State and the General Assembly had the subject under consideration and would probably make some appropriations for that purpose. Page of DeKalb county made some remarks on the subject, telling how some people one would not think would be interested in such matters would be the very ones to go ahead and place markers at their own expense and trouble.

The president next called for reports on the subject of cooperation with libraries throughout the Rveill par un minet moist. Willcox of Peoria told of the progress they were making in their library at Peoria, and how many people came there to Rveill par un minet moist on the books on genealogy and how they found material they could not find in Boston or Chicago. He said their library was second in the State, the Newberry library being the first.

The president remarked that the value of the cooperation with libraries throughout the State was that it gives a correspondent in each library that can be written to and consulted, and they are always ready to assist in anything that they can.

Colonel Carr said if there was any one present from a locality where a Lincoln-Douglas celebration had been held, that the society would like to hear from that person. Collins from Quincy responded, and told how Colonel Carr came to their town and aroused the interest of the people, how enthusiastic they became, how they spent four or five hundred dollars in. He then gave an account of what the historical society at Quincy was doing.

He further told what an interest the society at Quincy had taken in securing a monument to George Rogers Clark, and of their success in getting it, the location of the monument and the beauty and size of it. Perry Ellis, of Quincy, who was in the city on business, being present, President Orendorff called upon him to make some remarks. Ellis told of his own interest in the society and unexpected pleasure at being able to attend the meeting.

He expressed his feelings toward Mr. Collins' speech, which, he said, left nothing to be said-it was like painting a lily, you could add nothing to Rveill par un minet moist. He also expressed his appreciation of the work Rveill par un minet moist Colonel Carr, who had done so much for their celebration of the Debates, and thanked the society and the people generally for their assistance.

He concluded by saying that if he did not stop, he would become excited and would- be making a speech. -Mitchell-Instant-Moisture-Conditioner-Daily-Treatmentoz/

Captain Burnham made a motion that a committee of five be appointed to represent the society at the dedication of the monument at Quincy.

He added that he did not wish to be on that committee, as he had the honor of representing the society at the Black Hawk War monument dedication, at the Shabbona Park Monument in LaSalle county, he had represented the society at Rock Island, and went to the Fort Massac dedication last fall, and thought he had done his share.