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One more beauty

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TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. I always thought it was unfair how so many people look gorgeous in all their photos on Facebook or Instagram — flawless skin, bright eyes and sparkling teeth — One more beauty my photos mostly featured a shiny face and ultimately a not-very-glamourous me.

But now I One more beauty I know why. Recently I found out there are now a ton of smartphone apps that can touch up your photos. So here goes my experiment to find out if the effects of these apps, some of which have taken Asia by storm, are better than plastic surgery.

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This app is only available for Android phones — and it is extremely basic. Choose either to select a photo from your gallery or take a selfie on the app itself. Once you take a photo the app will do its work automatically to smooth out your pores and remove blemishes.

The only tweaking you can do is increase or decrease the amount of brightness, tone, smoothing and detail. One more beauty

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A bit washed-out in terms of color — that is, it made me look a tad pale and sickly instead of actually looking more radiant. It also diminishes the photo quality, making it become more pixellated. Good only for those who do not have a One more beauty smartphone with pre-installed features and just want a fuss-free touch-up to their photos instead of spending time nipping and tucking patiently on a more customizable app.

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Otherwise, there are plenty of other better options. Beauty Booth Android iOS.

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