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Making it monstrous scene 1

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Iago explains his strategy to Roderigo and justifies his treachery.

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He resents those above him, following them simply to harm them. This resentment of those above him may explain his villainy toward Othello, the respected military leader of Venice; Cassio, a lieutenant promoted over Iago; and Roderigo, a rich, but stupid nobleman.

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Iago uses a simile comparing servants to donkeys to emphasize the mistreatment of those without power. Iago stirs up trouble between Brabantio and Othello.

Act 2 Scene 2. 1...

Othello recounts to the court his wooing of Desdemona. There are so many Othello quotes to choose from.


Here are some that struck my fancy. Feel free to share your favorite quotes from Othello in the comments section below. Iago warns Othello about men who are not what they appear. Othello believes Iago speaks of Michael Cassio of not being what he seems.

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In reality, he speaks of himself. This is irony verbal and dramatic.

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Yet another example of irony, this time dramatic. Iago does know much more than he unfolds. Othello thinks he knows more about Desdemona and Cassio's affair, but what he really knows is there is no affair.

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Iago knows human nature and how to manipulate it. Othello referring to Iago as an "honest creature" is also ironic. Emilia uses an extended metaphor to voice her disgust toward men, comparing men to stomachs and women to belched food.

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Why then does Emilia steal Desdemona's handkerchief—without which, Iago's plans fail—and give it to her husband? Is it possible that Iago's suspicions that his wife has been with the Moor in the past are true? Does Emilia fancy Othello and want his wife out of the picture?

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