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The popularity of kale is nothing new. In fact, between andkale production in the U.

But because the last fifteen years has continued to see the appearance of kale on menus and in stores, many of Kale and charley believe that perhaps this leafy green has bypassed trendiness and grown into a true health staple.

Read on to learn more! But were you also aware that eating Kale and charley can help reduce the risk of heart disease? Additional benefits include lowered risk for cancer, blood pressure improvement, lowered risk for asthma, and improvement in the blood glucose levels of diabetics.

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This all from consuming around a serving grams of kale per day. So sure, kale is good for you — but is it tasty?

Things to remember about the fluffy-leafed vegetable?

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It will take longer to wilt and will retain its slightly bitter flavor if not cooked in something. One of the easiest ways to tone down this Kale and charley is to saute the leaves with some olive oil and either lemon juice or a touch of red wine vinegar.

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Kale chips, for instance, make for an easy and delicious snack — but the leaves are also an excellent addition to any soup or stew. Kale makes for excellent saladssidesand even pesto! Something you may Kale and charley wondering by now is what does kale have to do with sausage?

Yes, you read that right. In addition to kale, these products have carrots, celery, and added spices and will make the perfect addition to any soup, pasta, or pizza dish you want to cook up — or are delicious on their own! To learn more about this release, Kale and charley us today to find out where you can find Victory Garden nearest you.

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