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When I was five, I remember having a huge crush on Aladdin and his purple opened vest that revealed twink-like rippling muscles underneath. Now that I think about it, maybe Aladdin is gay.

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I knew for sure I was gay when I had my first sexual experience when I got my first hand-job by my friend when I was My friend was a childhood friend whose parents were best friends with mine so we used to see a lot of each other.

My first sexual encounter happened when….


Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and some might say that she needs help. Obviously, I wish she were a little bit more stable than she is right now cause I read somewhere that her credit card got declined at a salon, but other than that, she seems like a good time.

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Ryan Lochte is the epitome of every nocturnal emission to every gay prepubescent boy and menopausal woman. His eyes are to die for, his smile melts your heart, and his abs set your loins on fire.

With that said, what other reason would I need to tune in to view the series premiere of his own show on E! The series premiere of the show ended up reminding me of my ex: The show was confusing because the first half was showing him partying and then the second half we get introduced to his Jax taylor penis pic. Maybe because it was the first episode or maybe because Ryan Lochte is just ornamental and not functional. Jax taylor penis pic definitely masturbated more than three times during the show.

The only moments in the series premiere that made me so attracted to Ryan Lochte were his ab workouts after a night out of intense partying and the scene where he cried when talking about how much his family meant to him during the time he won his first medal.

Seriously, nothing could have topped that moment.

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I believe if I were a drag queen my name would be Kitten solely because I fucking love my cat. Every month at Town Danceboutique in D.

Let me just say, the turnout was mind-blowing and there even was a bachelorette party taking place. Let me tell you, nothing gets straight women going than seeing a drag queen throwing them shade. Drag Queen to bachelorette party: Good for you, sweetie!

Shi-Queeta-Lee and her perky nipples. Kellie Nicole Savage Black. Clair, above, ended up winning the competition. My all-time favorite and the drag queen I was rooting for, Alessandra McQueen, took to the stage and released her inner Sasha Fierce.

After the show I got to go backstage and catch up with the hilarious and profound Lena Lett who is also an ordained minister.

How fucking amazing is that? Lena Lett with Jesus. Since Jax taylor penis pic is a devout catholic, we got to talk about the Pope. He is very humble. And Adams I took from a very dear friend of mine. You know that feeling of love at first sight? And, in that moment, your whole world slows down. He smiles and you feel a jolt of lightning surge through your bones. You have never felt so alive in your life! Now that same-sex marriage has been Jax taylor penis pic in nine states, plus D.

Although there are gay men who do value monogamy, there are those that believe in open relationships. Commitment seems to be such a hot topic in the gay community because it is one stereotype that has definitely been scrutinized and amplified. And very much so single. We all have been there and it never works out to our favor.

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Very, very fucking pathetic. Do I want to call up my ex, who I dated for six years of my life that has the most perfect body, to fuck tonight? Will I feel great afterwards?

if anyone can find jax'...

We were riding on a motorcycle Sounds very Lana Del Rey, right? The next thing I remember is pressing my body all over his and feeling his rock-hard, sweaty body against mine. Now, every single day I think about calling him at midnight to have him come over and fuck me till I have no more cum.

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But, ironically, that would be fruitless. What am I supposed to do? So, I used my own advice and created ways to get over him and Jax taylor penis pic best part is, it fucking worked. Not only do you delete him from your phone, you delete him from everything. Now, careful, he will see that you deleted him as a friend on Facebook or unfollowed him on Twitter, but there are ways to getting around his incessant posts and tweets.

Facebook has this feature of hiding people from your newsfeed. My Twitter app on my phone, called Echofon, has a mute option. You need these empowering songs to keep you from contacting him. These songs, at least to me, make me feel independent and self-reliant on myself to make me happy. Everyone has a song that makes me them feel awesome as shit and so powerful that they can run for president if they wanted Jax taylor penis pic right then and there.

Besides inspiring songs, party songs also help me avoid thinking about my ex. Endorphines make you happy. After my intense step interval or cardio kickboxing classes, I feel alive.

I feel like I can take on the day. Plus, exercising will help you feel less stressed and keep your body looking fit.

You want to keep yourself busy and exercising is a great way.

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