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I want some shlong up there

Gay Sexy Galleries I want some shlong up there.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Thomas the Tank Engine. Tom Ass the Dank Engine: I masturbate to this fanific at least seven times a day.

I hope you all find as much pleasure in this as I do. For all yuns out there who read this know that it is my personal fantasy to make love in the back of a train because I'm all about dat caboose.

I hope you all find...

Thomas was naked and angrily beating his metallic boner to the thought of Annie and Clarabel fucking on top of a pile of dead geese. He knew that they had the hottest cabooses out there and Thomas wanted to probe their hole with his steel peepee.

He was reaching climax when all of a sudden Percy chugged in.

I hold my breath and...

Thomas finished with such force that he came on Pissey's face. A steamy scene ensued I do not want to be sodomized! You're my bottom bitch now and I will rape you until you die.

“Hello I would like to...

Now put dat ass in reverse and back into my cock! Thomas reluctantly backed his caboose into Percy's cock.

Powerful 3some plowing outdoor

The thrusts were too much for him to handle and his bowels loosened so much that he pooped on Percy's duck. His bawlz were becoming sore from the vigorous thrusting.

They fucked all night and Thomas nearly died from the boning. Then Annie and Clarabel arrived on the scene.