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R eading some of the coverage around the high court decision on PrEP felt like going back to the dark old days of the s, where any and all coverage of gay and bi men was negative, scrutinising and alienating.

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In the two decades Stonewall has spent campaigning for lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality, we have seen bans lifted on openly gay and bi people serving in the military, protection from discrimination, same-sex adoption has been legalised and, most recently, same-sex marriage introduced. But the fact that the Daily Mail still feels able to report the high court ruling like it did on Wednesday shows just how much more we need to do before LGBT people are fully accepted.

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For the last few months the NHS has defended its decision to refuse free distribution of pre-exposure prophylaxis PrEPa drug treatment that could save thousands of people from contracting HIV.

The reasoning behind this?

It boils down to a legal loophole. This fantastic news was celebrated all over social media by groups who have campaigned hard to make the NHS understand their health and wellbeing is important.

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What a skewed sense of values tomorrowspaperstoday bbcpapers pic. But not everyone was celebrating.

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A few news outlets had a different take on this groundbreaking new tool in the fight against HIV infection. Nor is being gay or bi. But choosing to dredge up stereotypes from the past to ostracise a group of people who have been oppressed, mocked, and attacked by society like this in the past certainly was a choice the Daily Mail made.