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Hammered for jerking off

Gay xXx Pics Hammered for jerking off.

By JayboneMay 14, in Off Topic. God dammit, I was just going to make a thread about you going HAM on fb, but this was already here. After working 70 hours last week I am feeling great after an 11 hour hibernation last night.

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I am going to get so much done around the house today. How many times are you going to end the night alone making a drunken thread on a poker forum before you realize something is going wrong at some point during the night?

When stars introduced the self-exclusion feature it was the greatest thing ever, put on a 12 hour blocking period, drink, wake up, and be able to play again without the Hammered for jerking off of doing anything dumb. I mean, unless you are still in high school or college blacking out and not remembering what you did is kinda ridiculous I had like guaranteed sex lined up too.

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But my asshole friends want to do shots every fucking 5 minutes. Last thing i remember is talking to this girl, then waking up in my bed.

Deactivated for a week and a half.

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