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Good cop bad cop

Gay New xXx Pics Good cop bad cop.
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In reality, at least in the UK, when two officers perform a joint suspect interview, one of them asks the questions and the other simply takes notes. In a new study Samantha Mann and her colleagues tested the effect of the demeanour of the note-taking interviewer.

Over hundred students and university staff were allocated to either tell the truth in answering detailed questions about a real job they really had, or they were asked to lie and answer questions about a fictional job.

After having three days to prepare, the participants were invited to a psychology lab for questioning.

A female interviewer with a neutral style asked the questions e. Crucially, this male interviewer either struck a supportive demeanour smiling and nodding his heada neutral demeanour, or acted as if he had suspicions frowning and shaking his head.

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