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Go go dancers

Gay Porn Base Go go dancers.

Go-go dancers are a fixture in nearly every gay scene around the world.

This sounds sort of obvious,...

But what of the day-to-day reality of dancing on stage in underwear that could probably pass for dental floss? Archangel pictured right performs weekly during beyond at Ministry of Sound, every Sunday morning from 5am.


Here, he reveals the highs and lows of his profession, and how flaunting the flesh for a living colours his life and relationships How did you get involved with gogo-dancing and the Beyond crew? I had worked with Martin Princess before, but most of the other guys I met through common friends. Go go dancers saw me dancing and invited me to join the team.

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I feel in my element. I love seeing people happy and smiling at me. Do you ever feel like people judge you because of being a go-go boy?

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I have heard the most absurd things you can imagine for being a go-go dancer. Many of us have a degree and a nine to five job.

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We are just normal people with a slightly unconventional job. How does it feel to be objectified by those in the club?

Go-go dancers are dancers who...

It can be annoying sometimes, when people come and try to touch you. Once someone came from behind and pulled my swimwear down while I was on stage. I was naked and furious.

Do you secretly enjoy it?

Go-go dancers are ladies usually...

It is no secret. That is not enough though. I prefer compliments to my work and character.

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The best thing about the gay scene is… The incredible people from all over the world we get to meet. To see how a community which suffers so much prejudice can also inflict prejudice on its own subgroups.

When I stepped on the stage it went loose. You must get a lot of guys cracking onto you. How does that affect being in a relationship? But when I am in a relationship I am really faithful, respectful and loyal. If you could be trapped in a lift with anybody else in the world, who would it be? Go go dancers

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Does it have to be only one? Should I say Chris Hemsworth?

Or someone I am deeply in love with? What phrase encapsulates your view on life?

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The 20 best LGBT reads of George Michael's private art collection to go on display at Christie's before being auctioned for charity. About Attitude Advertise Get in touch Subscribe.

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This sounds sort of obvious,...

This sounds sort of obvious, but I can't even tell you how many times I've casually mentioned that I'm a gogo dancer to anyone who asks me. Go-go dancers are ladies usually 21 or older who are hired to dance on stages or speakers to hype up and entertain the Go go dancers at clubs or raves.

Go-go's are.

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Go-go dancing is an attractive job for those who love to dance and want to bring in some cash without taking off their clothing. Go-go dancers.

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