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Gino takes helmut in the ass

Gay Porn FuckBook Gino takes helmut in the ass.

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Gino takes Helmut in the...

Tobe am right there with you Baby. These boys know what they are doing!!!!!! Yet another fucking scene that ends with a rush to end up in the bottom's mouth?

Speaking of BelAmi's formula! At least Adam knows where to put it in the end--in the end! Helmut is uber sexy -- he was a great bottom and now a fabulous top. Who wouldn't want get fucked by that beautiful cock? Gino is a lucky man!

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Second only to Jack for all round sexiness in my opinion. What a pairing that would be! They are both sooo hot. Gino is ridiculously sexy while Helmut has the most gorgeous face imaginable. Much improved performance by Helmut, who was awesome as a top. Would love to see more of him topping, and in a flip flop with Adam. Can't wait for more Helmut!

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This scene had two fantastic models who produced a very passionless clip, firstly, Helmut should have had a prolonged nipple-sucking scene taking advantage of Gino's awesome chest. I am almost beginning to think Gino discourages other models from focusing on his nipples.

Secondly, the scene does not have much spark between the two models -- their French kissing seems limited and there is little deep eye contact. Lastly, I like Helmut verbally saying he is about to cum but he should fuck the bottom until the bottom cums first.

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Helmut's great cum shot was totally off camera as he pulled out and tried to hit Gino's mouth, negating the fact that it was a shot that went pretty far. Overall, poorly scripted and very little passion from two models who should be able to put together a very hot flipflop.

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Adam and Jerome's scene totally stole the show from the clip and it shouldn't be because Helmut is a superstar and Gono has a killer body. On paper, it should rock but the scene lacks passion and personal chemistry.

This scene should be reshot. Loved seeing Gino riding Helmut's gorgeous cock, Helmut is gorgeous, that beautiful body and long legs for days but there was something lacking in this scene, not a lot of chemistry between the two.

Two hot men, but this scene was boring.

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Perhaps Helmut should remain a bottom? Whatever, even Gino could not remain hard.

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Helmut never put more than inches of that huge cock into Gino. Why not actually use it? This should have been good. Sorry to say guys, I thought it was very formulaic, no real passion. As individuals there great but in my opinion a poor pairing. WOW that was great!

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