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Updated on 28 November, at 2: If they guess right, you get to keep going till your share of the time is over. This game caters to adults because the peak of celebrity following happens only after you come of age. Another cute game for adults is the Celebrity Couple Game. It serves Games sleazy end a nice ice breaker game for small groups of people.

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Before a gathering, write one half of any celebrity couple on a sticky note. Eventually, people have to go around in turns finding their celebrity pairs. The Dirty Mind Game is one of my personal favorites.

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Loaded questions is a board game which has one main roller and everyone else participates as pawns in Games sleazy end game. The roller asks one of four basic types of questions: Everyone writes down their answers and the roller of the next turn guesses the answers for the previous one. Every right answer moves you one step on the board and the first one to reach WIN, loses….

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Sounds fun to me, especially if you know each other well. Curses is a game of whacky rules which one player gives to another.

The last one left, wins. Performing under those restrictions makes it hilarious and challenging. Anagrams is a game in which you give a group of people random words and through the miracle that is our mind, they have to try and rearrange it to create another set of words. Good sober, best high, unreadable drunk.

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