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Foot slave online

Gay Sex photo Foot slave online.
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Friday on Twitter, I tweeted out that I was starting to seriously consider dating a guy with a foot fetish just so I could get my feet rubbed. Kinda creepy, I know, but the more I thought about it the more judgmental I realized I was being over the entire thing. This is just one dude's turn on, Foot slave online and butts are an equally big turn on for a lot of other dudes so if I tweeted out - hey who wants to rub my rack, I GUARANTEE you the response would have been the same if not greater.

Moments later I then got a very sweet email from a reader explaining that he was elated I was so curious, and since he lived in LA he wanted to see if we could meet up.

He was incredibly up front with everything, and said that he's had multiple masters in the past and is really into humiliation. All he wants me to do is ignore him while he rubs my feet. Now, I am personally more Foot slave online a sub when it comes to sex, so to be the dom in any capacity intrigued me. For as long as I can remember, I was preoccupied by women's feet. When my parents female Foot slave online would visit the house, I would stare at their feet.

I was equally obsessed with the feet of girls my own age.

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I have always loved women's feet. And my submissive impulses were already there as early as 3 years old: I had fantasies of being a butler, a servant. I had one babysitter who would plop down on the couch and I'd bring her drinks Foot slave online snacks and she would rest her feet on my face while she watched TV. Good gig for her. But I was happy: Foot slave online needed feet in my face — even back then.

By the time I was actually kissing girls and fooling around, the fetishism and submissive tendencies were completely buried. So my sex life was normal through my teens. My junior year of college was the first time I lived away from home and had access to the internet.

And I immediately began exploring my fantasies on line. This was the late 90s and the internet was new to me. It shocked my system: I read almost the entire thing right there in the aisle.

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But I still felt intensely shameful. I Foot slave online like a creep, like a loser. And of course, there are plenty of people out there who would say that foot fetishists are indeed creeps, losers, or worse is this online?

Fast forward a few years. I had moved to New York City.

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We arranged to meet. I went over to her "studio" where she conducted her BDSM sessions. We discussed my interests.

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And long story short: I wasn't her client. This was a personal, Mistress - slave thing. I would run errands.

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I would give her massages. And she would reward all of this service by allowing me to worship her feet. The arrangement ended when I moved out here to Los Angeles. I'm still in touch with my former Mistress. And she Foot slave online instrumental in encouraging me to be honest with my current girlfriend.

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Instead of being secretive, I was able to be honest and up front about my desires. Listening to the Savage Love Podcast didn't Foot slave online either: So after years of shame and secrecy, I did the unthinkable and came clean to my GF. I told her that I have a foot fetish, that I have the desire to be dominated by other women. She completely understood and gave me her blessing. It was life changing.

Someone I loved more than anyone in the world was accepting me for who I am. It made something that I admit is weird feel more normal. My biggest epiphany was that this was really about humiliation.

I'm someone who requires humiliation to feel sexual. So someone ordering me to pick up a coffee or dry cleaning and then allowing me to get on the floor and pamper their feet while they relax or work - that really does it for me.

If you googled "foot fetish" or did a key word search in twitter - I'm sure there are people saying tons of negative shit You can't choose what gets you off.

There are kids killing themselves because they're gay and they're in environments where being gay is shit on, where they're told they're going to Foot slave online in hell, or that they're just plain freaks: I bet a lot of the people who are quick to shit on foot fetishists, calling them freaks, or leaping to an even more absurd presumption that they're dangerous - I bet a ton of those people would be quick to be like, Of course it's OK to be gay!

Meanwhile, not realizing that people who have Foot slave online fetishes are just as hurt and shameful and often closeted because of their desires. There is an absolute parallel. I have to admit that foot fetishists do creepy things. But I believe this is a result of Foot slave online closeted and desperate. I guess I'm just saying it's a shame. So you have no idea how grateful I've been in my life to meet people who are like: Let me get this straight: It is pretty fucking great and mutually rewarding if you have an open mind.

I could say a lot more. But I hope foot fetishism continues to intrigue you and that you see it can be pretty cool. How awesome is that? I want a dude to run my errands and worship my tired running feet!! I don't even know if I have cute feet? I mean, Foot slave online know they're super small and have high arches which is apparently a good thing but who knows, maybe this will increase my value as I can say I not only have a solid rack and a butt but some seriously epic toes.

I am 27 years old, at this stage in the game - I am pulling out ALL stops to bag me a boy. He's down for me documenting, so I will be updating you all as this adventure unfolds and give an extremely honest approach to what it is like to be around someone with this kind of fetish.

What happens if I end up dating a dude with a foot fetish?

Would I be grossed out? Foot slave online as well find out my boundaries now. I totally just became close with someone who actually does Foot Fetish stuff for a living Let me know how things go! Is really interinting the foot fetish, I love it, I like to smell sweat girl feet, please let me know if u r iinteresed. Hi jen, are you still interested in knowing more about the foot fetish?

I can tell you more if you email me back.

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Consider yourself to be among the very fortunate. Being blessed with a guy who has a foot fetish to care for your aching feet is better than visiting a podiatrist.

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No way is he about to rub your feet. Get ready for your friends to become very envious of you. I am a trained pedicurist, reflexologist, and an orgasmic foot masseuse. I acquired all these talents as a result of obsessing over women's feet. I am located in southeastern Michigan Foot slave online to any woman in need of me, send me an email.

I need to serve as your foot slave.

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