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The woman at the counter thought it was a joke. On that Friday before Christmas, U. District Judge Robert J.

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Shelby ruled in the case of Kitchen v. It was the first time Five homosexual fellows receive together for sex federal judge ruled such a ban violated the U. The lawyers representing the state and defending the ban had neglected a bit of routine paperwork: Ferguson and Anderson were the first of more than 1, Utah couples who went to county clerks' offices in 22 counties to become legally married in the day window after the ruling.

Elsewhere in Utah, the feeling was frustration as clerks dragged their feet for days before issuing licenses. This December, many couples are celebrating their fifth anniversary — wood is the traditional gift — and thinking back on the wild rush to marry. Then they got a call from an attorney friend. So when Ferguson and Anderson came back, the employee helping them thought it might be a practice run. I was getting retweeted and beeped and messaged.

Gill and the employees came back, and Ferguson and Anderson got their marriage license. A friend, an ordained minister, performed the ceremony.

The media also saw the tweets, so the couple stayed for interviews. The ground felt different. The air felt different.

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Weston Clark and Brandon Mark, who had lived together sincewere in the midst of a crazy Five homosexual fellows receive together for sex that December. They were selling their house in the Avenues and buying one near the University of Utah, and the child they were going to adopt — their second — was about to be born in Detroit. He called Mark, an attorney, who went online to print up a marriage-license application to fill out in advance. Also in line were Amber Burnham and Elisa Noel, who had started dating in and in got married in Canada, where same-sex marriage was recognized.

Noel and Burnham, who co-own a physical therapy studio, were still in their winter wear after a day of snowshoeing. Both couples had then-Mayor Ralph Becker officiate their weddings under a media spotlight.

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Clark and Mark were flagged down by Utah Rep. Patrice Arent, who had a TV crew with her looking to broadcast a couple, any couple, say their vows on camera before Becker. Burnham and Noel also were married by Becker, in his red sweater vest. Brian Benington was picking up last-minute items for the Five homosexual fellows receive together for sex party he and his longtime partner, Duane Jennings, were throwing Dec.

He heard Anderson, newly married, being interviewed on the radio. Jennings and Benington, who have lived together sinceproceeded with their party. One family who attended, the Danzigs, had been at the Salt Lake County Government Center earlier in the day, guests at the instant wedding of two women they knew. That couple recently divorced. What Danzig saw was bittersweet. So the Danzigs took music to the government center.

Mary, her husband, Peter, and their three daughters — then ages 8, 11 Five homosexual fellows receive together for sex 14 — sang and played instruments in the main foyer on Monday, Dec. Just different songs that seemed to fit the occasion. The Danzigs provided the music for Benington and Jennings, who went in early on Monday morning and joined a line that snaked through two levels of the building.

The couple, who have lived together sincewere living in Lehi when they heard about the Shelby ruling.

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There was one other couple there: Loreen Major and Arlene Arnold, retired teachers who had been together for 20 years.

Eventually, the county clerk emerged. Both couples went home empty-handed that Friday. They drove up to Salt Lake City early that Monday morning, getting in line around 2 a. The atmosphere was joyous, if tense. Hanging over everything was the fear Shelby, or a higher court, would issue a stay that would stop county officials from issuing licenses. They were wed on the 27th.

We got a cake from Costco, and moved the furniture around, and did it. Politicians talked about the possibility of nullifying the 1,plus licenses issued within those 17 days, but it never happened. Nearly 18 months later, on Five homosexual fellows receive together for sex 26,the U. Supreme Court ruled in the case of Obergefell v.

Hodges that same-sex couples in the United States had the right to marry. Anderson and Ferguson closed their tea business as their academic career took them east.

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In Junethey moved to Boston, where Ferguson is in a postdoctoral fellowship in neuroscience at Harvard and Anderson, a historian, is seeking his doctorate at Boston University. You cannot kick me out of the room.

Marvel and Carter, now living in Midvale, have gone through what many married couples do: Benington and Jennings, who grew up in Latter-day Saint communities, have noticed more acceptance, or at least tolerance, of their marriage. This month, they went to see the lights at Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City and stepped into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, where an older missionary couple were greeting visitors.

Burnham and Noel had a similar experience after they bought a house in Millcreek, where an elderly LDS couple brought over banana bread. One thing these couples had to decide was how much Five homosexual fellows receive together for sex celebrate the anniversary of Dec.

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Some prefer to mark the date of their wedding, before their marriages were legal, or the date they moved in together. Clark and Mark celebrate in April, when they had their first date. An earlier version misidentified who officiated the wedding of Weston Clark and Brandon Mark. Legal Notices Obituaries Jobs.

Saturday, March 9, Ferguson and Anderson were the first gay couple to receive a marriage license in Utah, on Dec. Love Elevated, a celebration of same-sex marriages that occurred during the 17 days between U. Photographed on Monday Dec. Arlene died in September on Thursday Dec. Arlene Arnold left Loreen Major right from Lehi, Utah, smile as they leave the offices of the Utah County Clerk and Auditor office after receiving a rejection letter for a marriage license on July 20, in Provo, Utah.

Herbert decision came down. District Court Judge Robert J. Herbert decision that came down a few days prior on Dec. Hundreds of same-sex couples descended on county clerk offices around the state of Utah to request marriage licenses.

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A federal judge in Utah struck down the state's ban on same-sex marriage last Friday, saying the law violates the U. Constitution's guarantees of equal protection and due process.

Patsy Carter left, and Raylynn Marvel right, from Orem, Utah, talk on the phone outside the offices of the Utah County Clerk and Auditor office and hold a rejection letter for a marriage license on July 20, in Provo, Utah.

The two married in Salt Lake County on Dec.

Herbert decision on Dec. Michael Ferguson and Seth Anderson, holding their marriage certificate were the first couple to be married under the now legal same sex marriage decision handed down by a federal judge just minutes before their ceremony. A nearby bookcase announces Mrs.

December 19, Updated: Pope Francis, Russell Nelson share a hug, discuss global relief in first-ever meeting between a Latt.

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