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First gay experience tumblr

Gay XXX Video First gay experience tumblr.

My first time was pretty young. I was about 10 years old. It all started with the tree fort. The older boys in my First gay experience tumblr had this cool tree fort down the edge of the woods. Us younger guys were forbidden to go anywhere near it. One dayone of the older boys was in the tree fort alone and he let me come up.

I was so excited to see the magical interior of the tree fort and when I got inside it was… empty. Just a small room with old carpet on the floor. The only thing in the place was an ok beaten up cardboard box over in the corner. He opened the box and it was filled with Playboy magazines. I had never seen one before, never really seen anyone naked before. He starts showing me all the naked women and my eyes were popping seeing all the big titties and asses and pussies. He started oohing and moaning about what he wanted to do that First gay experience tumblr.

I musta had some look on my face because I had no idea what he was talking about. Follow her excellent blog here. My best friend in high school was my introduction into the world of sex.

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I was super religious, and I was told I needed to wait until after I got married to have sex at all. I spent a lot of time with Megan and she was always the most fun to hang out with.

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She kept telling me how good sex was and how I should break the rules my parent set just this for just this one thing. I always worry about stupid things. This happened throughout high school.

She eventually talked me into something though. He was whittling away at her, saying pretty much the same stuff she was saying to me about having sex. She hatched a plan, which I thought was totally bonkers, but I ended up going along with it.

I would hide in her closet, and they would have sex, If I felt like joining them, I could exit the closet, and just join in.

She made it seem so First gay experience tumblr. She had a closet with the old school vented doors. She talked to me about it, and told me a story of one of the last times he took her on a date. Dinner and a movie, and the choice of both was romantic, so she had dropped down in front of him in the theater and given him a blowjob.

She said that was one of her favorite dates. Anyways, Michael was pulling up in his car outside, and told me to hide for a few minutes, but after they First gay experience tumblr for their date I could use her computer. She said that she left a few links for me on her desktop. Michael First gay experience tumblr and picked her up and they went to dinner, while I waited their return. I was super nervous, I thought about ditching and going home right there, but I was too tempted to at least watch them.

It was a link straight to a video of a girl giving a blowjob. I was intrigued, and sat there watching while touching myself. I watched video after video, transfixed, and almost missed the car pulling into the driveway. Megan and Michael were almost rushing to the bed, it was obvious how much he wanted her right then. He pushed her down onto the bed, and started stripping himself down and told her to strip. He sounded almost forceful, and she apparently found that as hot as I did.

As he stripped his shirt off, I found out he was more built than I thought First gay experience tumblr had a very muscular chest. He tossed the shirt to the floor right in front of the closet, and started undoing his belt, and as I watched I noticed he had a very pronounced bulge in his jeans.

The button came undone, and then the zipper, and he slid his jeans to the floor. He was definitely sexy.

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She was every bit as hot as him, with First gay experience tumblr abs, lean muscles, and loved the shape of her breasts squeezed together in that bra. I then noticed I was still stroking my clitoris gently, and the thought that I was already doing something quite against my parents wishes turned me on immensely.

Then he grinned, and told her that if she was not First gay experience tumblr to remove it all, he was. He jumped up on the bed in front of her, grabbed ahold of her panties and roughly yanked them down her legs. That was the first I had ever seen a shaved vagina, and the sight had me transfixed.

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As he was pulling them down, she was pulling at her bra, almost desperately I hate how they First gay experience tumblr seem to have a slightly different mechanism for attachment, and it frustrates me when I am trying to get one off after a long day with it irritating my breasts so much, so I can empathize. Anyways, soon she had her beautiful breasts in her hands, and he had her lower lips between his fingers, massaging gently on the outside of her vagina. I was having such a hard time resisting the urge to moan, and just as hard of a time preventing my eyes from shutting with the intense feelings coming from where my fingers nestled.

I bit my lip to prevent the moan, and watched intently as he slowly pressed one, then two fingers into her moist passage. He was driving her wild.

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He was driving me wild too. He soon joined his tongue where his fingers were, and her loud moans went dead silent. At First gay experience tumblr, I was worried he was hurting her, and then I saw her hands clenching the bedsheets, and her head tilted back in obvious joy. If my father only saw me then. He would have disowned me. He kept that up for a few minutes and then apparently stopped as she asked him why. He got a giant grin and pushed his shorts down quickly, His penis sprang to attention, and I strangled a gasp, as it was much bigger than it had looked in his shorts.

In retrospect, it was probably about 7 inches, slightly thick, but this was a fairly new sight First gay experience tumblr the time, and it was bigger than the ones in the videos. She slid down the bed, and dropped off the end, onto her knees, but he said not yet, he wanted something else.

He stood her up and turned her away from him. He shoved her somewhat roughly, and she dropped onto the end of the bed chest first, leaving her in the doggy position. He then shoved his penis inside of her, and this made her scream out. Again, I worried it hurt her, but she just kept saying yes, yes, yes… I was so worked up at the time, I gasped First gay experience tumblr loud a few times, moaning as I pressed my fingers inside me over and over.

He was thrusting into her fast and hard, and I just felt immense envy, and begun to see why I might be missing out. Shortly afterwards, he pulled out of her, and flipped her over on the bed.

Her face was red, but she had a look of such joy on her face. She then pushed him First gay experience tumblr off of her, and he fell down onto the bed next to her, and she climbed on top of him, gently sliding onto his member.

She began to lift and drop over and over, and this was obviously driving him wild as he was moaning her name. Their position was hard to see from my position though, and I stood up, trying to get a better view.

Frustrated and decided, I pushed the door open and strode into the room before I could change my mind.

I walked three steps in total determination, and then froze… what was I doing? I turned beet red, I know it. I froze in place, still without turning around. I was so mortified.

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I turned around, greeted with the sight of her still gyrating her hips on his. Him, head in his hands leaning back, looking relaxed as possible. I blushed yet again, trying to stammer a response.

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Megan looked over at me. You can just watch if you want to.

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