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Fascinating muscle bears

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American black bear - Ursus americanus.

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This is why a discovery by a team of scientists studying bears in Minnesota is so surprising. They have found, as Fascinating muscle bears describe in their paper published in the journal Integrative Zoology that black bears who incur small cuts to the skin have an adaption that allows for wound healing during hibernation that results in little to no infection and hardly any scarring. This all goes on for five to seven months over the winter.

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To prove that wounds really do heal well in the bears while they hibernate, the team anesthetized several of them and induced small cutaneous wounds during the time shortly before they were to go into hibernation. After that, they let the bears sleep for about three months, then ventured into their dens to see how the wounds were progressing. In all cases they found no incidence of infection and complete healing of the wounds, all with very little scarring.

They also found a regrowth of fur in many of the sites. Now that the researchers have shown that wounds do heal with black bears during hibernationthe search will begin to figure out how it comes Fascinating muscle bears.

The Fascinating muscle bears is that if the process can be explained that it might be applied to people, such as diabetics who quite often are subject to small wounds that refuse to heal and leave them at constant risk of infection.

Fast asleep to wide awake -- hibernating bears, predation and pregnancy. Wound healing during hibernation by black bears Ursus americanus in the wild: Abstract Even mildly hypothermic body or limb temperatures can retard healing processes in mammals.

We describe experimental studies on free-ranging bears that document their abilities to completely resolve cutaneous cuts and punctures incurred during or prior to hibernation.

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Routine histological methods were used to characterize these skin samples. All biopsied sites with respect to secondary intention open circular biopsies and primary intention sutured sites healed, with evidence of initial eschar scab formation, completeness of healed epidermis and dermal layers, dyskeratosis inclusion cystsand abilities to produce hair follicles.

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These healing abilities of hibernating black bears are Fascinating muscle bears clear survival advantage to animals injured before or during denning. Bears are known to have elevated levels of hibernation induction trigger delta-opioid receptor agonist and ursodeoxycholic acid major bile acid within plasma, mostly conjugated with taurine during hibernation, which may relate to these wound-healing abilities. Further research as to the underlying mechanisms of wound healing during hibernation could have applications in human medicine.

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Unique approaches may be found to improve healing for malnourished, hypothermic, diabetic and elderly patients or to reduce scarring associated with burns and traumatic injuries. Black bears hibernate, sleeping their way through winter, and who can blame them?