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Drilling in the backyard

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HOUSTON, Texas — A Sugar Land, TX man and his neighbour are in police custody after the duo drilled an unauthorized gas well in the backyard of one of the men in search of a fuel source for their extraordinarily large homemade backyard grill.

The Securities Exchange Commission also dropped the hammer on the men for concealing proven reserves. Sargent Milfson of the SPD explains:. According to eye witness accounts, Mr.

They were somehow able to drill into the ground and before they knew it, they hit an oil pool, caused a mess and we descended on the scene shortly thereafter.

Sources close to the charged told police that the 2 men had always complained about having to replace the 10 lb propane tanks in theirBTU barbecues, yet they were reluctant to tie them into a natural gas line because they knew that they could tie in their own gas for less cost. Neighbours describe the rig as being constructed entirely out of materials that the pair acquired from The Home Depot. A series of clothes line pulleys and extension cords completed the rig. The leaking well flowed at 47 barrels per hour for the 3 hours it took an emergency well site service crew to shut in the well.

The 2 men have their first court appearance scheduled for July 1st,and although their wives could bail them out in the interim, they choose not to in an effort to teach them a lesson for their backyard hi-jinx.

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That pesky oil always gets in the way. Seriously, it was good fortune for them that they did not hit a gas pocket. With no well control equipment to depend on, it could have been a disaster. This story is almost unbelievable.

These two gents actually worked in the industry, amazing.

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You might want to check your facts before posting pictures. My husband worked on it. You can easily google the bust and see this picture.

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Before you get all pissy about fact checking perhaps YOU should fact check…. And actually, I am aware them pic was from another break, I assume the writers did too, but took some creative license.

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As an oil field worker this is the greatest thing I have ever read. Well minus the fact they got caught, that part sucks. Ha, just as I thought… I smelled parody when I was reading this… and the pictures were obvious clues… good job 2P, whoever you are.

I love a good joke. You know, detect gold dust in the paint and start prospecting… something as believable….