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When Bret Tyler Skopek first met director Bryan Singer at a Halloween party in shortly after the aspiring songwriter arrived from Arizona, the year-old had no idea who the guy wearing the Catholic priest costume was — though he realized it obviously was someone famous, since a friend urged him to pose for a photograph.

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Skopek left Los Angeles two years ago. Here is the tale of a youthful-looking, barely legal-aged man who came to Hollywood with big dreams and left feeling chewed up, spat out and exploited by an older, wealthy man.

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The timing of Mr. Skopek coming forward now with these allegations is questionable. New but unverified claims that circulated on Twitter and Facebook quickly disappeared.

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The man claimed Singer assaulted him on a yacht when he was 17 years old. Meanwhile, others associated with Singer are in trouble all their own. Longtime Singer friend Gary Goddard took a leave of absence from his own entertainment design company after actor Anthony Edwards claimed the former Broadway producer molested him when he was a child.

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Every single high school king and queen that arrives in L. He was looking to escape small-town America, and Los Angeles seemed an inviting destination for a young bisexual man experimenting with his first taste of freedom.

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After the Halloween party, Skopek began receiving text messages from a middle-aged computer technician inviting the newcomer to lunch in downtown L. The man seemed friendly enough, and interested in Skopek.

At the time, Skopek was unaware the man had been arrested in on charges of sexual exploitation of a child in Georgia, though never prosecuted. The man invited Skopek back to his Flower Street apartment — a place with an arcade-like setting, with a pool table, Xbox game console and boxes of unopened iPhone accessories, Skopek said. Other young men begin arriving, music started playing, a neighbor dropped by, and the man began furnishing Skopek with the party drug Molly.

At some point, Skopek says, he found himself passed out on a bed and awakened to the man raping him. But his alleged assailant provided entree to prominent entertainment figures.

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Within weeks, Skopek said he found himself chatting via FaceTime with one prominent comedic actor, and soaking in a hot tub in the Hollywood Hills home of an award-winning director.

Eventually, he would find himself at a birthday party for the computer technician that Singer hosted on Dec.

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The director offered a grand tour of the theater room, the garage filled with sports cars and the basement with its leather couches, Skopek said. Then, the party started.

Skopek says he and two others wound up in the bedroom, having sex with Singer. This is the only way to make it out there. Skopek said the director had the power to lure almost anyone into his bedroom.

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Singer would watch a television show, see a hot guy, and ask his friends to contact the actor — as if casting the lead for his next big-budget film production. Over time, Skopek became disillusioned with a relationship that he saw as one-sided and emotionally vacant.

He lacked self-confidence, and barely recognized himself. The novel would bring Skopek back to Los Angeles in June of for Donnie nails himself with sex toy last encounter with a Hollywood power player. Grasham contacted Skopek, expressing interest in representing the young author.

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The agent sent a round-trip plane ticket and treated him to dinner — where he plied the young man with alcohol, an account similar to that provided by other accusers who have come forward to allege misconduct against the former APA agent. They are out to enjoy themselves. Grasham did not respond to requests for comment.

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