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He's a very skilled doctor, so dedicated to his job that he doesn't Doctor receives a cook jerking to have any other kind of life; but he appears to have little to no compassionis often narcissistica maverick, rebuffs any friendly gesture, and speaks only in snide put-downs or irritable complaints about how stupid human beings generally are.

He spits in the face of the image of doctors as saintly humanitarians — but of course, he's so prevalent now that he's become a trope of his own.

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His attitude is often explained by the notion that, in order to become such a good physician, he's had to make a Doctor receives a cook jerking of treating people as machines and "never letting his feelings get in the way". In his worldview, it would be unthinkable to cut another human being open and tinker with their insides, so he forces himself to view others as if they're not people.

In many ways, he's often the ultimate Jerk with a Heart of Goldsince he often demonstrates that he really does care about people deep down by doing whatever it takes to save their lives. This character's attitude towards patient care can go two different ways: Either he will do anything within his power to heal the sickor else he's in hospital administration and would shovel the patients into a furnace if it saved money. Either way, he's abnormally prone to Pet the Dog moments, so watch out.

See also Morally Ambiguous Doctorate and Mad Doctorwhen you have to question who in their right mind would give this person a license in the first place.

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You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. After seeing this guymake sure of it. Did you even take the Hippocratic Oath? I had my fingers crossed. Soul Eater has Doctor Franken Stein, who is not only the school surgeon, but also the biology teacher and combat instructor. He is a complete sociopath due to having an insane wavelength, and upon meeting his apprentice Maka, he Doctor receives a cook jerking to dissect her.

Justified in that he was trying to show his students that they needed to work together, and no one was actually harmed, but as the series progresses his advances towards Maka's and his other students' organs become more sincere. He also tends to bash his patients for their carelessness.

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In One PieceDr. Kureha, a tough, sarcastic old ladyis the only doctor on a small island where the inhabitants all call her a witch for her strange, violent, and Doctor receives a cook jerking behavior. She's also willing to injure patients who don't follow her orders. Her protege Chopper tries to be this whenever he's complimented, attempting to put on a tough act and belittle the complimenter while grinning ear-to-ear and doing a Happy Dance.

Hogback is a much worse, being probably the best surgeon in the world and an actual villain. Even with the love of his life, he only cares about her body and thus patches her corpse up and lets her be revived with another person's soul.

Trafalgar Law's response when someone asked what was going to happen if Luffy kept running around right after Law had done surgery on him? That the wounds would reopen and he'd die. Also when telling Chopper that he'd removed the Doctor receives a cook jerking from the systems of some children that had been experimented on, he phrased it in such a way that Chopper thought he'd dismembered them, since Law was talking about the amount of painkillers some might Doctor receives a cook jerking.

Law made no move to correct the panicking reindeer. Black Jack is probably one of the first; generally more of the Dr. Jerk with a Heart of Gold variety. Probably the original trope namer, considering he purposely plays himself as a devil, but gets repeated Pet the Dog moments, including how much he beats himself up for his mistakes, i.

Plus, the Diabolus Ex Machinas that follow him Black Jack is parodied with Dr. Iwata in Excel Saga complete with an x-shaped scar on his face, given to him by his cousin who he loves to exact horrible revenge on every opportunity he gets. Though he doesn't show up enough in the anime for his jerkassery to really shine through, in the manga he's a money-grubbing, skirt-chasing, selfish bastard. At one point, he's shown prescribing medication to people because the pharmaceutical company that makes it pays him for each patient he gets to take it, regardless of whether or not it will actually help them.

Fortunately, he's usually accompanied by his nurse, who uses violence on him frequently to keep him in line. Subverted with Ryuuken Ishida.

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Introduced from Uryuu's point-of-view, he seems abrasive, materialistic and uncaring. Eventually, it becomes clear he wants his son to think the worst of him for unknown reasons that loyal friend Isshin knows all about.

Behind Uryuu's back, he's much more gentle, protective and fatherly. Doctor receives a cook jerking with Tenjirou Kirinji.

Introduced as having a violent, abusive, delinquent mentality, he's eventually revealed to be much more gentle with his servants, as he seems to put his tutees and patients through various kinds of Secret Test of Character. Knox from Fullmetal Alchemist.

He's quite a good man, though a bit grumpy, and punches out Lan Fan and May Chang to prevent them from starting a fight, partly because of their injuries, partly to avoid them getting infected by his samples, and partly out of principle. But mostly to keep them from wrecking his house. The fanfic Heart of Azazel has Dr. Bitch Spasms gee, I wonder where that name came from. Not only is Doctor receives a cook jerking a complete disaster as a doctor, but he also makes for a terrible husband! Just read it and tell me you weren't cheering for Azazel near the end!

He tells Sakura he calls her Patient because he doubts he'll ever see her again. In reality, he calls her that even after they'll be seeing each other regularly.

For example, Sakura's teammate Kiba is c. He's later shown to be considerably ruder Doctor receives a cook jerking people who don't make appointments outside extenuating circumstances Sasuke's Sharingan developing further doesn't warrant an immediate visit but Sakura's developing doujutsu causing her pain does. Dr Allison Mann in Y: The Last Man spends much of her time either belittling Yorick or threatening his pet monkey with dire fates.

When they finally part ways Yorick's last request is to see her smile for the first time in four years? Mann's response is to break down in tears of frustration instead. She angrily denies that love is anything but a biological reaction, but is clearly desperate for love herself eventually finding it with Australian spy Rose Copen.

House the size of a house", has a total lack of bedside manners and is quite adamant that Emp gets her normal friend out of the suprahuman-specific wing ASAP so he can deal with more important cases. Stephen Strange was one before the car accident that crippled his hands. He was so hated that the only jobs he was offered were of the Kicked Upstairs variety, which he had too much pride to take.

He squandered his fortune on quack remedies, becoming almost destitute until, nearly at the end Doctor receives a cook jerking his rope, he heard of an old man known to work miracles. That old man turned out to be the Ancient Onethe current Sorcerer Supreme, and Strange's life changed dramatically after they met.

After becoming Master of the Mystic Arts when his mentor passed away and bequeathed the title to him, he mellowed out and lost most of his Jerkass qualities.

Jonathan Crane of Batman fame. An accomplished psychiatrist and former college professor. Now a supervillain and part of Batman's Rogues Gallery. Thomas Elliot counts Doctor receives a cook jerking well. He used to be the son of two wealthy Gothamites, until he decided he deserved their money more. So he became an orphan. Thomas Wayne then saved his mother, so he had to wait for the money.

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His own psyche then made him go after Bruce Wayne because he had it so easy what with his mom and dad having died at an early age. More than Meets the Eye: Pharma, head of the Delphi Institute, is one of the greatest medics the Autobots have, once managing to perform a four-way surgery with himself as one of the patients. He's also a colossal jerkass.

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Not to mention he's gone insane and started murdering some of his patients to harvest their organs for the D. The Sorcerer SupremeStrange is very much this, albeit Doctor receives a cook jerking a dead little sister to make him slightly sympathetic.

Film — Live Action. Gillespie in the Dr. Reduced to a wispy old man in a wheelchair from an Doctor receives a cook jerking Real Life Writes the Plotthere, as actor Lionel Barrymore was crippled and could only play stationary charactershe's become bitter and highly temperamental from not being able to act on his own. He "fires" his successor-to-be, Dr. Kildare, in a fit of pique with every movie, only to re-hire him in a roundabout fashion.

Lazarus in Outland is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who is ultimately the only person who helps our hero.

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As is fitting for Lifetime Doctor receives a cook jerking of the Weekany male doctor to ever walk in on screen will go out of his way to be a jerk, especially when it isn't beneficial for anyone, not even himself.

See Harrison Ford 's character Dr. Stonehill in Extraordinary Measures. Ken Jeong's Doctor Kuni in Knocked Up is a bit of a jerk, and the couple don't like him, but ultimately he's all there is when the big moment comes.

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