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Sex in Joe Gage movies makes you stronger, more powerful.

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No difference between the roles of top and bottom. Another reason why Titanmen has been at the top of the heap when it comes to gay porn movies for over 17 years… the top-notch production quality and the best men.

Newly remastered and re-released to Titanmen.

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The inclusion of Steve Cruz is an interesting one. He went on to be a very successful director himself and did appear in one other titanmen feature, H2O with Francois Sagat.

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Directed by iconic director Brian Mills, Command Post was a big hit with fans of military action. Four cumshots laterboth men are sweaty and out of breath but both VERY happy to have had some alone time together.

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The way that Dean encourages Kurt to go further and faster and then fucks him gently at first before rolling him back and pile-driving him is the thing that makes this movie SO hot. Members can also download their favorite scenes DRM-free. Full and Unlimited access.

Check out more pics after the jump… Continue Reading. A flurry of storm clouds over a small town in Kansas means the thing they fear the most: As Allen Silver heads to his farm to survey the damage, he has no idea the storm of intense sex that awaits him inside his barn.

From young to old, hairy to smooth, thin to meaty: The movie was a Dean flynn gay hit with fans and critics.

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Check out the movies below to see the action that earned nominations. Check out all the scenes from Barnstorm here.

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Inkless presents the very best of tattoo-free TitanMen. Acres and acres of man-flesh just as God made them, unmarred by the needle of a tattoo gun.

Six hardcore scenes of the very best in muscular, hairy TitanMen fill up this Dean flynn gay series disc. Over 2 hours of the hottest hairy and natural TitanMen fucking, sucking, and rimming their way right into your hearts. See the latest releases on the TitanMen Store.

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Copy and paste this HTML code into your webpage to embed. Continue Reading Continue reading. This is just one scene from a movie that still gets named in the top movies of Titanmen.

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Check out more pics after the jump… Continue Reading Continue reading. Check out more stills after the jump… Continue Reading Continue reading. Check out the big action and still gallery after the jump… Continue Reading Continue reading.

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