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Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is an American hip hop group. Inthe group released its second album, E. The Art of Warthe group's third album, was also released in Bone Thugs is the only group that has worked with 2PacNotorious B. The editors of About. After that album, the group went on hiatus from their label and released their sixth studio album, Thug Storiesindependently Dark thugs break it down Bone Thugs-N-Harmony "officially" returned with their album Uni5: Due to Dark thugs break it down within the group, longtime members Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone officially left the group in April to work with their independent label, The Life Entertainment.

In Augusthowever, Layzie Bone announced that he would be stepping aside to work more on his solo career.

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On April 28,the entire group performed a show in Biloxi, Mississippi along with Juvenile and Nelly. All five members were present. Bone Thugs are still currently on tour and have 12 concerts scheduled They then formed B.

Like so many aspiring rappers around the country, they put in calls to executives at record companies, hoping to find someone who Dark thugs break it down listen.

In hopes of securing a record deal, the group was given an audition over the phone, receiving an unfulfilled promise from rapper Eazy-E to call them back. Determined to reach him, they scrounged together the money for one-way bus tickets to Los Angeles. They left for a three-day Greyhound trek and spent four months on the city streets, putting in frequent calls to find him.

Nothing came of their search except the news that Eazy-E was, in fact, on his way to Cleveland for a show. The quartet returned to Ohio, where Diego Blak born Diego Hodgea marketer and promoter who had been co-executive producer of Faces Of Deathintroduced them to Eazy-E at a concert he promoted in Cleveland.

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There, on November 2,they auditioned for Eazy in his dressing room; Krayzie performed his verse of "Flow Motion" from the Faces of Death album, and Eazy was impressed. Eazy signed the group minus Flesh-n-Bone to his label Ruthless Records. The album's subject matter was focused almost entirely on violent criminal activity.

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The EP marked a major change in style for Dark thugs break it down group, as they now fully embraced the G-funk common in West Coast hip hop of the time. Beats were supplied by DJ YellaRhythum D, and Kenny McCloud, and it was the group's first collaboration with newcomer producer DJ U-Neekwho would craft the group's signature sound by producing the majority of their next two albums.

For over a year, Eazy-E nurtured their career, Dark thugs break it down to serve as their executive producer and teaching them the business skills he had taught himself over the years. Briefly, the young rappers thought they had lost everything with the loss of their friend and mentor. However, the group's potential was already apparent, and Ruthless Records continued to support them. Inthe group's second album, E. The album generally saw positive reviews from critics as Bone had diversified its content and musical style.

The album name originated from one of the street names of a corner E. Naming it after Eazy-E's album was just another way of showing respect and tribute to the rapper who had helped them reach success. Also inFlesh-n-Bone would become the first member of the group to release a debut album, entitled T.

S, which was certified gold by the RIAA. Indue to their success, the Cleveland clan established their own label, Mo Thugs Recordsand released the Family Scriptures compilation album to introduce many of the Cleveland-based and other artists whom they were developing.

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The project would bring together other hip hop artists from all areas of the American map such as Boot Camp Clik[15] OutKastScarfaceEand more. However, bootlegs of songs produced while Pac was still alive have been distributed.

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Inthe group released the double-disc set The Art of War. The album saw Bone further explore a wide variety of subjects and styles, with even more focus on God and family and an overall more ambient, mellow sound.

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The group still incorporated violent lyrics, however, with a large portion of the album dedicated to what they labeled "clones" who claimed Bone had stolen their quick-tongued rapping style and vice versa.

It peaked at 4 on the Hot and 2 on the Hot Rap Tracks chart.

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The album also included "Thug Luv" with Tupac Shakur. The group's promotional efforts were dampened by the absence of Bizzy Bone from the album's videos and from large portions of the ensuing tour and other public appearances. This absence eventually fueled rumors of a break-up.

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Other singles from the album, including "Can't Give it Up", failed to crack the Dark thugs break it down Hotand the big-budget video for "Change the World" failed to receive any rotation. This was their first group album to prominently feature Flesh-n-Bonewhose presence had been limited on previous releases because he had never signed with the group's label, Ruthless Records. Flesh was convicted for assault with a firearm and criminal possession of a weapon in June The group again began having public disputes with Bizzy Bone.

Inthe group released Thug World Order. This album, made up of what were described [ by whom?

The lyrics were almost completely void of any violence, while a larger number of tracks focused on the group itself. In contrast, several songs originally intended to be included on the album that were leaked after its release portrayed a much different album.

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The second single, "Home", which featured Phil Collins performing part of his song " Take Me Home ", peaked at 33 on the Rhythmic Top 40impacting the charts in a number of countries, most notably the United Kingdom.

It marked the first time Bone Thugs had recorded as a trio since they released an internet-only EP album called Bone 4 Life [22] in September Thug Stories featured a slightly more mature style, and the group leaned more heavily towards its harmonic roots than its " thug " origins. The album sold 38, in its first week and peaked at 25 on the Billboard [12] and 1 on the Independent Albums chart.

Being their first major album after an absence of nearly five years, the Dark thugs break it down debuted at 2 on the Billboardand 1 on iTunes and the Billboard urban music charts. The executive producer of the album was Swizz Beatz. The first single was " I Tried ", which was their first top hit in 10 years, peaking at number 6 on the U.

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