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Cop gets poked

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Poking Officers

Previous 1 2 template Next. Poking Officers I've seen Cops on TV, and many of the time before an officer searches a suspect, he always asks the suspect if there's anything in his pocket that'll poke him officerjust why police officers ask that?

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And what if the suspect has something say a needle in his pocket and he replies to the officer that there's nothing Cop gets poked his pocket that'll poke the officer but in fact there is and that the officer reach in there and got poked, will the suspect get in big trouble for lying? In my opinion why not just search the suspect carefully instead of asking?

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Originally posted by candidguy View Post. Poked know it all We are careful.

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But no matter how careful you are needles are about as sharp as it gets and very dangerous. The hollow tubing of a needle makes the risk higher in catching dangerous diseases because of the way they hold good oxygen for a long period.

Aides, tubercolosis, hepititus and other things are killers. The reason we ask is because if the answer is "yes" then we have them remove it. If I ask you and you say no and I reach in and get "poked" you are gonna get "poked" toothen spend the night in the "pokie". I ask because I don't really feel like getting jabbed in Cop gets poked hand with a dirty needle.

Yes, I could probably get the prosecutor to charge felony if I did get jabbed with a dirty needle and the suspect claimed that there was nothing in his pockets. And if Cop gets poked gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. First the question on the size of police units, and now this.

Am I the only one who thinks these subject lines are misleading? I miss you, Dave.

Originally posted by CruiserClass View Post. Most MIsleading Title Ever!

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