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Buff asian dude

Gay Sex photo Buff asian dude.

I'm friends with a far hotter Asian guy. He's Korean and he might not look as buff as this guy not close but he has a way better face which is more important to me than body.

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He looks like just a man to me, ofc he's attractive but any respectable lady won't juat throw herself at a man based off looks Buff asian dude asking for trouble. No, I would not want to have sex with that guy. He seems full of himself, and he treats everything like a game. He manages to hook up with drunk girls? Totes deserves a medal.

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Sure, he looks ok. However, I've never been a huge fan of height and muscles. They don't impress me as much as an attractive face and a genuinely good personality. His face is pretty Buff asian dude and his personality is p douche-y.

I wouldn't feel safe with a guy like him bc he makes it pretty obvious that he only wants to get laid. I also wouldn't want to sleep with him bc where the hell has his dick been? Buff asian dude do I know he doesn't have like a million STDs? Because that's how this shit works. I don't know the other girls slept with him.

sucked. For everyone. But that...

Maybe you will change your mind once he approaches you. I ignore guys like him.


Besides, I don't even go to any clubs, so the chances of him approaching me are very slim. I don't just sleep with random strangers I've never met or talked to before.

Tbh Buff asian dude makes me want to puke. Most of us struggle to do that even if we want and try hard to because lack of height and looks.

Drunk or not and what they're looking for don't matter. Lol no, obviously your chances are higher if you look attractive. I'm just saying, getting laid is not like this amazing achievement a lot of you guys make it out to be.

Sex really isn't all that special, it doesn't deserve the pedestal you put it on, and put these women on. And actually yes, it does matter if they're drunk and if they're looking for sex. Why do Buff asian dude think he picks up girls at clubs? Because all the girls there are prude, sober virgins?

Gimme a break lmfao. That's basically the real Buff asian dude, it's tough to look more attractive than this guy. Anyway, since you say, I will try, probably it will turn out to be as easy as you make it out to be. I am fine with my body. I am slim with a 68 cm waist but muscular and deceptively strong. When it comes to ladies, I am looking for quality in all measures not quantity or simply the hottest around. I am fine as I am.

It's alright when you say it jokingly to a friend but if that's the first thing you would say to a stranger I would be deterred. I would probably shy away from him. He seems like he's too cocky.

His body is somewhat nice eye candy but if we were to ever happen to be in the same Buff asian dude, we'd probably ignore each other or not even notice each other's presence. Have you seen Evan aka vanoss now he's something I'd kiss Evan and that's a lot Buff asian dude from me I won't even let a guy hug me even if they are my friend because of how lesbian I am lol. I'm 6'3 rich and smart but not confident so I could probably learn a thing or two from this guy.

If I keep working out I can take him in a couple years time lol. Well, his body won't last forever, and even if it would, i wouldn't trade place with him, im fine with my good points and my problems I'm 5'11'' and have never had any trouble whatsoever with women. So, yeah, I'd rather be me than him. This is boring and was played out in my 20s.

When he can keep a woman for half his life then I'll be interested. I'll be 6'1 after my leg lengthening operations, and I am definitely stronger than him, so i'm not worried. I dont find him attractive at all. I wouldn't want to have sex with him. Oh so, he's actually physically attractive.

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Just the pictures with some hot girls and the video about banging a girl that turn you off? He actually isn't that physically attractive, I've seen guys 10 times hotter.

You're prob hotter you just don't know it. Maybe he's rich too, but I am just wondering about his physical appearence: D Why wouldn't you? He's really good looking. I'd have to get to know Buff asian dude before I'd bang him but that is just what I live by - I dont bang just based on looks.

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Hey what was wrong with what I said? I get down voted for an honest opinion that says I got to know a guy before I'd give my naked body to him? Hypothetically speaking, if I didn't Buff asian dude the personal connection and based my choices on looks only then yes absolutely.

Why do you ask? I love dark hair and dark eyes. I find the shape of Asian eyes attractive. He has a warm smile and a kind looking face.

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His body is perfect. Why are you interested to know - is it you? I'm below average looking and shy I'd like to improve my looks little bit and I'd be fine. So, nope I wouldn't trade place with this guy. No I don't want to trade places with an ugly ass Asian guy with a 4 inch Asian cock. Other people probably think you're ugly. I don't like racist people. I Buff asian dude care if your Asian, African, Buff asian dude that's meHispanic etc.

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Everyone's equal to me. This guy here has no right to generalize races.

So Who's This Muscular Korean...

Boy I wonder how you'd do in prison. See if your "good looks" will save you from being someone's else's prison bitch. You probably shouldn't even call yourself an Asian or anything else anymore for being such a wuss.

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