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Brock and steve poke

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Please consider turning it on! The more he sees Bucky, the more he thinks about him, the stronger the impulse is to have him, the more his possessive thoughts grow. After waking from the ice, Steve suffers from headaches, blackouts When he's introduced to an intriguing omega, his symptoms intensify.

He likes Bucky, of course he does, but the Brock and steve poke already has an alpha. I'm giving omegaverse a try: P If I can think of a better title for the fic, I'll change it. WIP This isn't going to be 'dark' as such, just Brock and steve poke bit of a mind fuck for poor Steve Beta'd by the lovely Nonush86 Here See the end of the work for more notes.

They kept telling him the headaches were completely normal.

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Being Brock and steve poke the ice for so long had obviously impacted his body and even with the serum pumping through his veins it would take time before he would feel normal again. The headaches had the potential of getting better, or at the very least fading to a background hum, but feeling normal again was impossible with the time jump. There were still battles to be fought, sure, but the comradery was different, the public was different.

They showed him the scans, assured him everything was normal, but he knew different.

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Then the attack on New York took centre stage, and although the usual headache still pulsed Brock and steve poke his temple, he ignored it and got to work. He was an Avenger and fought side by side with five other Alphas, five others that understood the world and its politics. Another organisation that would use him and claim he was protecting innocent lives. They viewed him as nothing Brock and steve poke than a tool, an advanced Alpha that could crush all opposition.

The only ally he could truly rely on was Peggy. She understood his pain and confusion, although she told him he was being overly dramatic. The headache prickled and he squeezed the bridge of his nose. She founded the damn organisation after all, and that was why Steve chose to join and offer his services.

He went out with his comrades for post-mission drinks, chugging down beer that did nothing to him other than make him wince and shudder. He worked efficiently on missions, oozed of confident Alpha, even in face of Steve when all other scents shrivelled and hid. There was some teasing, Brock ribbing him for not knowing how to use a phone or tablet, the other Alphas laughed with unease, shifting on their feet as if expecting Steve to lose it. He never did, he had iron control over his Alpha nature.

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He had a team, had a purpose, but the disrupted cog in his brain kept skipping. It was Tony who convinced him to Brock and steve poke to the fancy party. It was full of people eager to meet Captain America.

He begrudgingly agreed, only to feel royally pissed off when Tony was late and he was left standing in the reception on his own.

He spent an hour sipping an alcoholic drink that did nothing for his advanced metabolism and watched couples arrive for the posh party. Omegas with Alphas, betas with betas, they all came in grinning warmly at each other. The constant reminder that he Brock and steve poke a lonely old Alpha had him turning and facing away. He stared far too long at the Greek statue, not really paying attention to it until a voice mocked him.

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If he willed it, he could drown the whole building in his scent. He opened his mouth to speak, but the figure directly behind Brock had him frowning.

Brock chuckled and took a step to the side. The omega was bowing, Brock and steve poke hair flopping forward on his head. A few inches smaller than Steve, a few inches narrower too, but Steve could see his muscles through his tight shirt, a quick scan of his body and he could see his thick thighs too and his stupid eyes zeroed in on his crotch. Steve swallowed the growing lump in his throat.

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Steve shifted uncomfortably, darting a look to Brock. The other Alpha sniggered and shook his head. Stubble dotted along his angled jaw, and Steve flexed his hands at his sides wanting to touch. The dimple in his chin longed to be pressed, and his lips looked soft and inviting.

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Beautiful was an understatement, the omega was enchantingly gorgeous. His eyes hungrily searched his Alpha. The omega walked a step behind Brock, eyes to the floor as if tracking his shadow and not wanting to be out of it. All the other pairs in the room and he was the only Brock and steve poke to take such a submissive stance. Steve straightened his clothing to cover his jolt of alarm. Steve bowed his head in greeting and she smiled brightly.

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The bond marks were both displayed on their necks, silver lines from a long ago bite. He gestured to all the single omegas and betas in the room.

Desire and curiosity, he felt it in abundance for the omega, but he pushed the emotions away, aimed to enjoy the night he had been dragged to. His eyes, he wanted to see them Brock and steve poke the omega was always bowed, he even tried to bend low to fix his shoes to catch them, but it was no use. His feet followed without any conscious thought.

Brock disappeared into the toilet, leaving James standing awkwardly outside leaning on the wall.

His body sagged, grey eyes scrunched before opening with such sadness it pained Steve to see. Brock and steve poke from the distance Steve could see a sparkle, a glint of something hidden in their depths The pain in his face tingled at first, an ache that started to close in on an area, targeting his lips.

His fingers moved sluggishly as they probed the stinging flesh and when Steve pulled Brock and steve poke back, they were stained a vibrant red. He rubbed the blood between his finger and thumb in stunned confusion. Warm and watery and most definitely fresh. He was bleeding, had been struck in the face. The corridor they were stood in warped, spun and there was a shape of someone in front of him.

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The person that had attacked him. Without even thinking, he barged them into the wall and they yelped. The scent of omega hit him, the specific one he had been entranced by all evening, but instead of the sweet smell that made his mouth drool, the omega was scared and beneath the fear was anger and shock.

He had James pinned to Brock and steve poke wall, fingers restraining and body angled to keep him in place. Steve released him and stepped away. The Omega continued to emit scents of distress and confusion.

Steve put his hands up to ease him but he hissed in reply and shuffled along the wall. He glanced down at his watch, gasping when he saw twenty minutes had passed. Then Brock steamrolled his way towards them, nostrils flaring and eyes wide.

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He had no idea what had happened. James had hit him in the face, so hard apparently that he forgot the last twenty minutes from the punch.

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James had got it wrong, had misinterpreted something he did or said. He drummed his fingers to his head, needing the blank space of the last twenty minutes to be filled.