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I was going a little reading on Rajeev masand and his articles. I came across this very interesting article from Hindustan Times where he talks about what really happens at the Bollywood parties. Quite shocking May be not: The concept of the Bollywood party has changed considerably over the years.

At gatherings in his Chembur cottage, only the finest Scotch was served along with a never-ending supply of piping hot kebabs. At his annual Holi celebrations at the RK Studio, it was mandatory to be dunked into a pool of colored water after which you dried off even as Sitara Devi enthralled the bhang-high crowd with her naughty thumkas.

Bollywood sex party

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These were usually editors Bollywood sex party leading film monthlies or major critics who had found favour with the filmmaker. It was a party for friends and they had to come without pen, paper or tape-recorder. It always made them uncomfortable to smoke or drink openly.

Ghai has always enjoyed wining and dining his friends from the press, and the coverage that invariably follows. But the days of filmi parties Bollywood sex party stars and hacks mingled are a thing of the distant past.

Of course you still have parties where the press is invited, but those are promotional events, meant specifically for coverage purposes. A music release function, a brand endorsement announcement, a film launch celebration, the list is endless. These are hosted with the very purpose of courting media coverage.

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Yet, gossip tidbits and pictures of guests entering in their SUVs invariably make it to the tabloids. By the time the guests start arriving, a battery of paparazzi has Bollywood sex party outside the venue and is happy to get so much as a smile or even a clear face-shot as the guests make their way into the premises. You see, Bollywood sex party nobody wants the prying eyes of journos and photographers inside, not even the biggest stars will risk their party going unmentioned on Page 3.

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Friends will stick together. The host, his wife and her best friend must flit from one group to another all night, making sure each is comfortable. They will almost always catch snatches of ugly gossip about an actor or filmmaker seated in another Bollywood sex party across the room. At some point during the evening when a Bollywood sex party is being cut, or champagne is popped, everyone in the room will get to their feet and assemble in the centre, forcing rivals, ex-lovers or sworn enemies who have been trying to avoid each other for the last two hours to finally come face to face.

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