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Metal Drill Bits for Steel. Overall a decent screwdriving set. Contains enough tips that one should be Biker dril two 1 to get a good fit with most common types of fasteners. The case is handy. As others have noted, the bits on the left side of the case are hard to get back into the slot. It is not Biker dril two 1 and with a bit of practice can be done fairly quickly.

I have uploaded a diagram showing the contents of the kit. This product is excellent. I tried to drill a hole on a stainless steel plate. Before buying this drill set, I used my regular drill bits and could not make a dent on the plate after 5 minutes. I gave up, searched Amazon for a better tool and bought this one.

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Nice sharp drill bits and have detents for impact drills and quick release chucks. Be careful these are nice and sharp but you can get cut if you handle the bit and not the shaft.

Only 20 left in stock - order soon. I don't like "coated" drill bits as Biker dril two 1 I've used Dewalt cobalt bits for drilling in stainless steel in the past and now these bits for holes in the steel studs in my house for shelf brackets. Surprisingly, HSS bits would not drill into the studs, these still require a Biker dril two 1 pilot hole but the drilling is fast and easy.

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I don't like "coated" drill bits as the coating wears off, these are a solid steel-cobalt alloy. Single bit replacements are available online.

Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Excellent for the price. There are better industrial grade bits out there, but not at this low price.

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Great for handy people that break bits occasionally in awkward positions. I was very impressed with the hard case and foam insert for the bits. Very nice packaging concept. I haven't had the chance to use the bits yet but if they work as well as they are presented I am going to be very pleased!

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I bought these based on a review for drill bits designed for metal. I needed to drill out several holes in sheet metal for lag bolts and these went right through the material where as the wood bits I had on hand were having difficulty I ruined them.

Be sure to keep the bit straight, minimize lateral movement, and allow the bit to bite without pressing to hard and it should last a long time.

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As an automotive technician, I deal with way to many over torqued bolts and screws that customers have snapped off and bring too me asking for help. Used these just last week to remove two broken Biker dril two 1 manifold bolts on a Silverado 5. These cut nicely and bite deep. Definitely the best drill bits I have ever ordered. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. He says these drill bits "cruise"" - by Ellie north little rock. Another Christmas present for my husband. As a biker, he hates junk which I have learned in 37 years to buy him the good stuff.

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He says these drill bits "cruise". Recommend if you want an excellent product buy these!!!! Only problem is that the big ones arent sharpenable, and the little ones have a habit of snapping but all bits do.