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Banging love the way it feels

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A list of the best road trip songs from the classics to today. Have you ever been driving along the highway, belting out the lyrics to your favourite tune and look over at the people in the car next to you staring at you while laughing hysterically? It is moments like these that gave us the inspiration for compiling our list of the best road trip songs ever.

Here are the bangers that...

Don't be embarrassed about having a good time in the car. It's your own little sanctuary.

Here are the bangers that...

It's just you, the steering wheel, and the open road. Nothing makes a road trip better than a good playlist and we've compiled the ultimate road trip songs playlist for your next overland adventure. We've been lucky enough to see the Rolling Stones in concert three times.

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Dave even met the band way back in when he did lighting Banging love the way it feels a media blitz they did in Toronto. Even if we have to get out of the car soon, we'll leave the engine running until the final chord is played! In Sweet Home Alabama, there's a stanza saying: Right about here we wanted to include Prince's Little Red Corvette, but he didn't have any songs on Spotify.

But if you can get your hands on some Prince music, put him on your playlist. Sad to see another legend lost, but his music lives on.

Pick up a copy of Prince's Greatest Hitsyou won't be disappointed. But there are some tributes happening on Spotify now.

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How to Start a Travel Blog. There's nothing really amazing musically about this song by the Scottish Band the Proclaimers, but when it comes on the playlist, everyone stops to sing along. It's one of those songs that you can't help but love. Even if you hate it!

Best Road Trip Songs -...

Rent Benny and Joon starring where the song was featured. Remember when Elaine's boyfriend refused to speak to anyone when Desperado came on the radio during a classic Seinfeld episode?

Well, when it comes to the Eagles, Hotel California is our song. Don't speak to me, don't even look at me when Hotel Banging love the way it feels comes on because I am going to sing along and play air guitar to that classic solo.

Both of us are yelling at the top of our lungs and banging our heads to the beat. When Dream on comes on the radio, there's no talking to either of us until the song is over. Buy AeroSmith's Greatest Hits. We called it the song of summer and whenever it came on, we'd jive and jam in the car.

Dave and I love to sing during a road trip and this one makes you want to wail at the top of your lungs. We're gonna Uptown Funk you Up!

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Download UpTown Funk on Amazon. Banging love the way it feels think about all the travels we have done and when we do come home, we need a rest. Travel is exhausting and when you add pub crawling to the mix, it is doubly exhausting. I love the opening:. Download now on Amazon. How does one choose a favourite Red Hot Chili Pepper's song?

They have so many great albums. But Californication is the perfect tune for a road Banging love the way it feels. Heck, even the video is all about driving. I used to say, "How can anyone not name Red Hot Chili Peppers as one of the greatest bands of all time? Anthony Kiedis is a poet, Flea is a master on the bass, John Frusciante creates the most memorable and intricate guitar riffs out there today. He's quiet and unassuming in real life, just like his music: Plus, he looks exactly like Will Ferrel.

Nobody has the same feel or sound as the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You've got to read Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis - this book will blow your mind about everything he and the band have gone through. Buy the album Californication. The entire disc is perfection. It's a great read for rock bio lovers. Enjoy reading about our off-road driving in Ireland. The feminism anthem of the s was written and performed by a Canadian. We owned Jagged Little Pill and there isn't a bad song in the bunch.

But it's You Oughta Know that is one of the best road trip songs on the album. The staccato speech at the beginning gets you hooked for the driving beats ahead. That - I'm - happy for you.

44 of the Best Road...

I - wish - nothing - but - the - best - for - you both. Was this sone about Joey from Full House? But you oughta know! Buy the Album Jagged Little Pill, it's a good one!

Just to feel something pushing...

Why this song wasn't nominated for an Academy Award was beyond me. Everyone was shocked when Paul Walker was killed in a car accident two years ago. He died during the filming of Furious 7. I never did see the film, but this song played during his final scene in the movie, which I read all about.

It seemed to be a beautiful send off to him and whenever I heard it it brought a little tear to my eye.

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This is a great song for a road trip and is fitting since it's the title theme for a movie about fast cars. John Cougar was the first musician I ever saw live. Banging love the way it feels brother and now sister in law brought me to a show at Copps Colluseum in Hamilton and I couldn't get enough of his music after that. I loved his rockabilly sound and to this day, the minute those first five chords ring out over the car stereo, I start rockin'.

Jack and Diane is probably his best song and is all about two American kids living in the heartland.

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Dave and I still feel like a couple of kids when this song starts to play, bringing us right back to our childhood every time. We Banging love the way it feels had the opportunity to see the Beach Boys live sans Brian Wilson two summers ago while in Orlando.

They made a lot of good lighthearted songs like California Girls, Surfin' USA and Kokomo, but it's Good Vibrations that really shows the depth and musicality of the band's genius.

This song Banging love the way it feels the vibe that both Dave and I love for a road trip. I'm pickin' up Good Vibrations. We took a great road trip along the Niagara Parkway right in our own backyard. Check out all the Things there are to do in the Niagara Falls Region. Okay, Dave and I are huge Guns n' Roses fans. We know every word and both of us immediately stop talking and start singing and playing air guitar.

Or if Dave's driving, air drumming on the steering wheel. Guns n' Roses' music holds up after all these years and it's awesome that they are finally back together touring. If anyone has tickets they want to give us, send them our way!

Who doesn't love Adele's velvet voice? Sure, "Hello" isn't a fast paced tune, but it is an excellent road trip song. Because you can howl, scream and holler along. She reaches those high notes and you just want to join right along.