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May 27, Pages Buy. Jun 04, Pages Buy. Jun 04, Minutes Buy. May 27, Pages. Jun 04, Pages. Jun 04, Minutes. It was an unlikely quest from the start.

The emotional heart of the tale lies with Joe Rantz, a teenager without family or prospects, who rows not only to regain his shattered self-regard but also to find a real place for himself in the world. Brown excels at weaving those stories with the larger narrative, all culminating in the Olympic Games…A story this breathtaking demands an equally compelling Attractive boys on a boat, and Brown does not disappoint. The narrative rises inexorably, with the final 50 pages blurring by with white-knuckled suspense as these all-American underdogs pull off the unimaginable.

A book that informs as it inspires. Well-told history, packed with suspense and a likable bunch of underdogs at the heart of an improbable triumph.

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I knew the names of the men that rowed it but never really knew who they were. After reading this book, I feel like I got to Attractive boys on a boat their journey and witness what it was truly like earning a seat in that Pocock shell.

The passion and determination showed by Joe and the rest of the boys in the boat are what every rower aspires to. I will never look at that wooden boat the same again. Daniel James Brown has written a robust, emotional snapshot of an era, a book you will recommend to your best friends. I was drawn in as much by the personal stories as I was by the Olympic glory. A must read for anyone looking to be inspired!

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Daniel James Brown has not only captured the hearts and souls of the University of Washington rowers who raced in the Olympics, he has conjured up an era of history. I read the last fifty pages with white knuckles, and the last twenty-five with tears in my eyes. This is Chariots of Fire with oars.

This meditation on human frailty and possibility sneaks up on you until it rushes past with the speed of an eight-oared boat. Their lives define the tradition that is still University of Washington rowing Attractive boys on a boat. How did you discover the story that became The Boys in the Boat? She said her father, who was in the last weeks of his life and under hospice care at her house, was reading one of my earlier books.

He was enjoying it and she wondered if I would come by to meet him.

Of course I said yes. A few days later I sat down with her father, Joe Rantz, and after a while the conversation turned first to his experiences growing up and then to his experiences rowing for a gold medal at the Olympics.

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As I talked with Joe, I noted that tears came Attractive boys on a boat to his eyes at certain junctures. As he unfolded more of his story to me, I began to see that all the elements of a great tale were there-intense competition among individuals, bitter rivalries between schools, a Attractive boys on a boat left alone in the world, a fiercely demanding coach, a wise mentor, a love interest, even an evil stepmother. But I think what really clinched it for me was the simple fact that the climax to his story played out on an enormously dramatic stage-the Olympics in Berlin-and it played out under the gaze of Hitler himself.

Really, what more could a storyteller ask for? The Boys in the Boat is an incredible combination of history and the personal, heartwarming story of Joe Rantz and the rest of the young men who made up the gold medal-winning team at the Olympics, as well as a history of crew in the United States.

How did you do your research? Beyond that, though, I had a lot to learn about rowing, about the other boys in the boat, and about the history of the mids. I read a lot, of course, but I also talked to many rowers and many rowing coaches, particularly at the University of Washington. I went out in the coaching launch on cold mornings. I interviewed dozens of the offspring of the original crew. I pored over hundreds of news accounts from the s on microfilm. I went to Germany and explored every corner of the rowing facilities at Grunau, still largely unchanged since Then it was a matter of sitting down and distilling thousands of facts and anecdotes into a Attractive boys on a boat narrative.

The first was the degree of absolute devotion these nine men had for one another, literally to the day the last of them died. Another was the extraordinary physical demands of rowing.