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Originally posted on November 11, I am a year-old straight female. I used to babysit for a wealthy family, but their children have outgrown babysitters.

Often he will blindfold me and then come at me, and I must then wrestle my way out of the situation using the moves I've learned. I did this a few times, Dan, but I found Asshole ball a bit unsettling.

However, he never touched me inappropriately. Last time we did this, he told me he wanted to see how much pain he could take.


Asshole ball He asked me to kick him in the groin with no protection until he couldn't take it anymore. I thought, "This is strange," but I was curious, so I did it. He was able to take it for a surprisingly long time.

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I haven't been back since, but for the last six months, he has been pestering me to come back. Recently, he suggested that we have what he calls a "competition.

His wife knows about the workouts, but he said he doesn't want me to Asshole ball her about the fighting.

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My question is this: Asshole ball there a sexual component to this? I have never heard of anything like this before, and I find it odd. Please let me know your thoughts. There are no nonsexual components to this, WKBFM, and if you've never heard of something like this before, well, you must be a new reader. What we've got here is a rich guy attempting to manipulate his kids' former babysitter into doing sex work for him—no, scratch that.

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What we've got here is a rich guy who has already Asshole ball his kids' former babysitter into doing sex work for him, WKBFM, and that's pretty fucking creepy. Your previous workouts with the blindfolds and the wrestling Asshole ball the kicking? Don't get me wrong: I don't think his ball-busting fetish is creepy.

It's extreme, as fetishes go, and there are definitely risks.

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But the risks are his. If you need the Asshole ball, WKBFM, and you don't think you'll be scarred by the experience, tell the rich guy you'll consider doing this for him—you'll come over, remain fully clothed, and kick him in the nuts—but only if he levels with you: He's getting off on this.

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You don't want this rich asshole to think he's successfully manipulated you into doing sex work for him, because once the session is under way, you don't want him thinking, "Well, if I could get her to do this, I can probably get her to Asshole ball her clothes, watch me masturbate, have sex with me].

Being direct with someone "No, I'm not taking my clothes off, asshole! Most people are reluctant to admit to dishonesty, and a skilled manipulator will exploit that inhibition to get what he wants. So tell him you'll play—you'll bust his balls—but you're not going to play along. Asshole ball

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He has to admit that this is about sex and he has Asshole ball agree to honor your conditions: You might also be interested in these: Newsletters Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events.

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