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Argentine straight muscle

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This breed has its origin in the province of Cordoba, in the central Mediterranean region of the Republic of Argentina. Its creator was Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, a renowned doctor and Argentine straight muscle of a traditional local family. In Argentine straight muscle, his passion for dogs, perhaps a family legacy, led him to set the bases and a standard for a new dog breed which he named: This local breed had been the product of the crossbreeding among Mastiffs, Bulldogs and Bull Terriers and was widely known and appreciated by fervent dog-fight fans, a very popular activity at the time which embraced all social classes.

After a thorough and Argentine straight muscle character study and selection, through different generations, Dr. At the beginning it was generally considered a dog for fighting but Dr. With the passing of time, this adaptating capacity has made this dog very versatile as regards functions; it has proved to be a noble companion and a loyal and insurmountable protector of those it loves. Its strength, tenacity, sharp sense of smell and bravery make it the best dog among those used for hunting wild boars, peccaries, pumas and other country predators which can be found in the vast and heterogeneous areas of the Argentinean territory.

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Its harmony, balance and its excellent athletic muscles are ideal characteristics for enduring long trips in any weather conditions and then fighting fiercely with the pursued prey. Molossian normal type, mesomorphic and macrothalic, within the Argentine straight muscle proportions without gigantic dimensions. Its aspect is harmonic and vigorous Argentine straight muscle to its powerful muscles which stand out under the consistent and elastic skin adhered to the body through a not very lax subcutaneous tissue.

It walks quietly but firmly, showing its intelligence and quick responsiveness and revealing by means of his movement his permanent happy natural disposition. Of a kind and loving nature, of a striking whiteness, its physical virtues turn it into a real athlete. As a mesomorphic animal, no part stands out from the whole body which is harmonic and balanced.

Mesocephalic, its muzzle should be as long as its skull. The height at the withers is equal to the height at the croup. It is cheerful, frank, humble, friendly, and not a hard barker, always conscious of its power. It should never be aggressive, a trait that should be severely observed. Its domineering attitude makes it continuously compete for territory with specimens of the same sex, most noticeable behaviour in males.

As a hunter, it is smart, silent, courageous and brave. Of mesocephalic type, it looks strong and powerful, without abrupt angles Argentine straight muscle distinct chiselling. Its profile shows an Argentine straight muscle line which is concave - convex: The head joins the neck forming a strong muscular arch.

Compact, convex in the front to back and transverse direction. Its zygomatic arches are far apart from the skull, forming a large temporal cavity which enables the large development of the temporal muscle. Its occipital bone is not very prominent due to the strong muscles of the nape.

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The central depression of the skull is slightly noticeable. Slightly defined, as a transition from the convex Argentine straight muscle region to the slightly concave foreface. From the side, it shows a definite profile due to the prominence of the superciliary ridges.

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As long as the skull. It is slightly elevated forwards, finishing off the concave profile of the muzzle. From the side, the front line is perpendicular and straight, coinciding with the maxillary edge or slightly projected forward.

Strong, a bit longer than deep, well developed in width, with sides slightly converging. The upper line is slightly concave, an almost exclusive trait of the Argentinean Dogo. Moderately thick, short and tight. With free edges, preferably with black pigmentation. Jaws strong and well adapted; no under-or overshot mouth. The jaws should be slightly and homogeneously convergent. They ensure maximum Argentine straight muscle capacity.

Teeth big, well developed, firmly implanted in line, looking clean without caries. A complete dentition is recommended, priority being given to the homogeneous dental arches. Pincer bite, though scissor bite is accepted. Large and relatively flat, free from folds, bulges or chiselling, covered by strong skin. Dark or hazel coloured, protected by lids preferably with black pigmentation though the lack of pigmentation is not considered a fault.

Almond-shaped, set at medium height, the distance between them must be wide. As a whole, the expression should be Argentine straight muscle and lively, but at the same time remarkably firm, particularly in males.

Argentine straight muscle and laterally inserted, set well apart due to the width of the skull. Without being cropped, they are of mid-length, broad, thick, flat and rounded at the tip. Covered with smooth hair which is a bit shorter than on the rest of the body; they may show small spots, not to be penalized. In natural position they hang down covering the back of the cheeks. When the dog is alert they may be half-erect. Of medium length, strong and erect, well muscled, with a slightly convex upper line.

Truncated cone-shaped, it joins the head in a muscular arch which hides all bony prominences in this Argentine straight muscle, and fits to the thorax in a large base. It is covered by a thick and elastic skin that freely slips over the subcutaneous tissue which is a bit laxer than on the rest of the body. It has non-pendent smooth folds at the height of the throat, a fundamental trait for the function of the animal.

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The coat in this part is slightly Argentine straight muscle than on the rest of the body. Level; the withers and the pin bones of the croup are at the same height, constituting the highest points.

Large and strong, with fully developed muscles forming a slight slope towards the loins. Strong and hidden by the developed lumbar muscles which form a median furrow along the spine. Slightly shorter than the dorsal region, rising very slightly to the top of the croup. The development of muscles in the parts of the upper line causes the dogs to show a slightly depressed profile without being actually so, which is enhanced in adults due to the fully developed dorsal and spinal muscles.