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Alam wernick jj knight and brent corrigan

Gay XXX Porn tube Alam wernick jj knight and brent corrigan.

Check out the "stories" section of his Instagram account. One pic in a hospital bed labelled "heart attack" and another wishing him well from Mexico regarding the heart attack. He also refers to dethydration. All in all not this whores week! You can find videos of him on PornHub, etc getting fucked bareback.

I thought he was a "medical student". He should have known better and prevented this heart attack. Not hard to find videos on pornhub. There is also one of him getting fucked by Austin Wolf that has been posted by Wolf.

It is unusual in that nearly every video Wolf posts on his "fan site" has him fucking young sluts raw. But the one in which he tops Wernickhe chooses to wrap his cock in a rubber. I wonder Alam wernick jj knight and brent corrigan is protecting whom from whom.

I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. After talking so much shit about this boy, why do I feel the need to send him flowers and my best wishes? Am I really a save-a-hoe captain at heart? I could rim him for DAYS! Has a person ever died from forgetting to come up for air while eating ass? Yall bitches better hope this little scare hasn't had him reconsidering his life of porn and prostitution. Next thing you know he will delete all his content and join a monastery!

Or even worse get a wife and become a soccer dad. That Bible quote made me think something like that is coming down the line as well, R There are many stories of former gay porn stars who suddenly found God and turned into straight fundies.

Though in this case, it won't be because of his health scare but probably because of his family. You can't keep your main job secret Alam wernick jj knight and brent corrigan it hits DL. I think he may just be a Catholic boy who finds forgiveness through confession and perhaps other means from his priest.

No internal conflict or hypocrisy from his view. Or maybe he's just not into the guys fuck him on camera.

He's just going through the motions for that check, gurl! He was getting his hair styled today. Getting ready for whoring. I wonder when he returns to medical school? Doubtful that he was sick.

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On his MyFans he just posted very hot videos of hung muscle daddy Nick Capra topping him! R51 I noticed that as well. That top is so hot tattoos notwithstanding and so into it that it's comical to see Alam holding back and saving the full experience for higher-paying customers. Are you referring to Austin Wolf, R59? Because if so, he clearly faked his two orgasms in his vid with Alam. So he wasn't that into it, apparently.

I couldn't kiss that derpy face. I'd feel like I was taking advantage of a mentally challenged individual.

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In this relationship I wouldn't have to see his face because his ass would be permanently planted on mine! He must have been listening to our feedback because his latest vid with Nick Capra was pretty hot. He has upped his moaning game substantially. Although I had to laugh when Nick called him a sweet boy at the very end.

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Alam laughed as well. There ain't nothing sweet about that seasoned prostitute but men seem to fall for that act still. Will her muscles waste away now that she's had a steroid scare?

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Or will she ride this into the ground? It's off-putting how he constantly looks at the camera while he's getting fucked. I find his face disturbing.

I watch some his videos and didn't realize how hot he is! Friend showed me video of him having sex with Nick Capra, which one of the hottest porn videos I have seen in a long time!

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He posted pics from his hospital room. Of course, he could have been there to remove something stuck in his anal cavity. I got blocked from commenting or following him on Instagram.

Alam Wernick - JJ Knight...

I think maybe Alam wernick jj knight and brent corrigan was the comments I made about his diet. His diet of meth. Best of luck with the attack, Brah. Watching his fuck vids, and man his ass is amazing.

Jealous of those guys eating the hell out of that hole, let alone railing it out and cumming in him. What a hot little whore he is! They only have sex for the cameras. So that they can sell it. Austin doesn't even cum with this kid, he fakes his orgasms again, for the camera. Austin is a very horny man and he couldn't fake orgams in a convincing way. Men like Austin ar enot only in porn because of the money but because men like him have much higher sex drive than the average man.

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I agree with R I've seen Jake Hunter's and John Barrows' OnlyFans videos recently and they are horny fuckers, masturbating and fucking at every opportunity. Although to be fair, this is their only means of income, so the alternative to being horny at all times would be getting an actual job. Alam and Wolfe definitely don't fuck if cameras aren't involved. Industrious whores like them don't waste their loads on unfilmed hookups.

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Yes, he has a beautiful upper torso, ass, and thighs - but that all goes out the window when seeing his skinny, chicken-leg calves - they throw everything else out of proportion. Other than a nice ass, what makes him the best? He appears to be totally self-obsessed and boring in bed.

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Maybe because I first saw him on some vanilla site, where he wrote about studies not studeeshe make me sad now. R Did somebody say penthouse in Manhattan, dahling? Because I just adore the view from up here Mixed race, bleached and plucked smooth. I think he hates himself in some way, despite his evident self-obsession and all the body building. Well at least he has his intelligence to fall back on if the whole prostitution whore thing doesn't work out.

The test results reveal THAT was a lie! Nah his face and emotions are completely dead.

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