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Because of insufficient linguistically and culturally appropriate services[ 1 ] Latinos' healthcare needs in emerging communities are assumed to be greater than in established Latino communities, yet published data on these populations are scarce. We conducted this assessment following a community-based participatory research orientation, an approach that engages the community as a partner in all stages of research.

LEGS is a partnership of health and social service providers, community members and university researchers with the goal of improving Latino immigrant men's health in a new growth community. In this study we aimed to explore the 2 latinos plow unprotected of Latino immigrant men from their own perspective, rather than test any theory.

We framed this study based on a variety of findings and theoretical views. Often, immigrants live in between countries and cultures.

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We realize that complex social and economic circumstances force men to migrate[ 8 ] to help their families, which are often left behind. Isolation and lack of social support increase the vulnerability caused by migration[ 810111319 - 22 ] In fact, loneliness is a predictor of depression symptoms [ 23 ] and of risk for suicidal behaviors among Latinos[ 24 ], contributing to the adoption of risky behaviors e.

Most of the literature on Latino immigrant men's health in non-border areas has focused on narrow health topics, such as sex-related issues[ 9 - 1121 2 latinos plow unprotected, 222830 ] or workers' health[ 8 ], and comes from areas with large concentrations of Latinos.

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